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The whole Clinton River please

The Clinton River in Macomb County Michigan very few discuss, focus upon, involve media coverage, or describe in brochures, literature, videos, etc. This IS the industrialized, heavy military & industrial complex water combined with highly populated residential runoff flowing to Mt.Clemens and out to Lake St Clair.

People are not kayaking this part, swimming in this section, scooping out water for their fish tanks and terrariums. It is runoff from massive parking lots, golf courses, malls, residential communities, streets, roofs, driveways.

By nobody’s standard is it clean !

Kayak launch Freedom Hill – why it hasn’t happened the past 50 years  ??????

It is 2019 moving fast towards 2020+ .

Focus on problem areas,  degrading the outflow.



Constituent Primary Sources
Particulates Pavement wear, vehicles, atmosphere, maintenance, snow/ice abrasives, sediment disturbance
Nitrogen, Phosphorus Atmosphere, roadside fertiliser use, sediments
Lead Leaded gasoline, tire wear, lubricating oil and grease, bearing wear, atmospheric fallout
Zinc Tire wear, motor oil, grease
Iron Auto body rust, steel highway structures, engine parts
Copper Metal plating, bearing wear, engine parts, brake lining wear, fungicides and insecticides use
Cadmium Tire wear, insecticide application
Chromium Metal plating, engine parts, brake lining wear
Nickel Diesel fuel and gasoline, lubricating oil, metal plating, brake lining wear, asphalt paving
Manganese Engine parts
Bromide Exhaust
Cyanide Anticake compound used to keep deicing salt granular
Sodium, Calcium De-icing salts, grease
Chloride De-icing salts
Sulphate Roadway beds, fuel, de-icing salts
Petroleum Spills, leaks, blow-by motor lubricants, antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, asphalt surface leachate
PCBs, pesticides Spraying of highway right of ways, atmospheric deposition, PCB catalyst in synthetic tires
Pathogenic bacteria Soil litter, bird droppings, trucks hauling livestock/stockyard waste
Rubber Tire wear
Asbestos* Clutch and brake lining wear

“Laser particle sizing has also indicated that a considerable proportion of the particulates in road runoff are less than 10 µm.

This size fraction is difficult to capture in current stormwater pollution control devices and has been shown to contain significant quantities of heavy metals, which are of concern in aquatic ecosystems.”



Clinton River jumps UP 3 feet in February

The winter season of 2019 has brought us plenty of precipitation, which runs off into the Clinton River – even when you don’t think about it.  River Levels are up 3 feet this week.


What will become of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality under the new governors wishes will be anyone’s guess in 2019. Combined Sewage Overflow events from Oakland County will continue, as they have for the past 50 years , under the current piping systems.  I haven’t seen, read, sniffed anything , hinting at any changes in 2019.

Red Run EPA EnviroMapper

Red Run EPA EnviroMapper

Keep in mind the water flows quite freely ACROSS the county line of Dequindre Road.  As more residents become increasingly informed about how drainage is truly INTER-connected , perhaps they’ll raise hell over the massive StormWater RunOff impacting their neighborhoods, personal property, and businesses.

Flood Map Oakland Macomb

Places that are very FAR away from where you may live, still affect your local drainage. There are 14 communities “”merged”” together for stormwater/sewage in SouthEastern Oakland County – overflows enter Warren , the Red Run and the Clinton River. The water is not clean, not drinkable, not potable, and you would NOT scoop it up , put in your fishtank at home.


When the Dequindre Interceptor can not handle the quantities of fluids thrown at it, the retention basin begins to overflow , in Madison Heights, on into Warren via the Red Run open to the sky drainage ditch, and flow into the Clinton River over by Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights





Let’s get smarter and better 2019+

I did some reading over the winter storm of Saturday January 19, 2019 . The Former FEMA Administrator – Craig Fugate – says it’s time look at what the future holds instead of developing mitigation plans from yesterday’s outdated data.

Michigan politicians and representatives need to be aware – StormWater is a problem.



Craig Fugate  claims going on past data won’t prepare us for the future.  “There’s no time to waste, climate change is here, and extreme rainfall events and extreme drought are the norm. ”

“Too often our decisions about where and how we build are so narrowly defined [by] flood maps, which are really insurance rate maps. And with all this it’s becoming imperative: Building the way we’ve always built, we’re going to fail.”

Places around Metro Detroit will get absolutely hammered with intense rain, again.  The rain stormdrain SYSTEM needs a re-think, a re-evaluation, on a large regional scale. THINK VERY HARD about the rain and the toilet water, which system is which and why !


SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

Warren and Detroit water sewage

Warren and Detroit water sewage

How did we do 2018 Red Run Drain ?

Well the Michigan DEQ has a new page , so it took a bit of digging, but here it is.


1400 Ajax Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Permit Number = MI0026115

Alternate Names

  • 12 Towns Retention Treatment Facility
  • George W. Kuhn Drain Retention Treatment Facility
  • George W. Kuhn Drainage District
  • Oakland Co SOCSDS 12 Towns RTF
  • Oakland Co-Geo W Kuhn CSO RTB
  • Oakland County Drain Commissioner
  • Southeastern Oakland County Sewage Disposal System

There were 9 CSO events from Oakland County flowing to Red Run Drain in Warren

… The records actually go all the way back to 7/23/1999 …..

Here is a link —



It is a unique, independent entity which floats its own bonds for operation

GWK Bonds.png

What happens over in Oakland County affects all those connected to the Red Run, the Clinton River and ultimately Lake St Clair of Michigan.





2019 DEQ new reports Sewage Overflow

Michigan revamped its reporting of sewage overflows

The Macomb County – Martin Retention Treatment Basin (RTB) – became overwhelmed and the system could not handle the rain falling out of the sky – so it discharged on New years Eve – Dec 31, 2018


Expect more in 2019

I would encourage everyone to continue pushing governmental officials for better, cleaner, pristine waterways all over the State of Michigan.  The combined sewage systems that exist today need to be seperated – one pipe for toilet waste – one for rain.  The longer we kick this can down the road, the more problems we will continue to have.

Macomb should NOT suffer due to the shortcuts taken by Oakland officials.

Combined SEWER overflow corridor

Combined SEWER overflow corridor

Flood Map Oakland Macomb


Rain Combined Sewer Systems

Rain Combined Sewer Systems

Combined Sewer Systems

Combined Sewer Systems

We need to MOVE AWAY from the Retention Treatment Basin (RTB) concept:

into a system where all the pipes are seperated, one for rain, one for toilet waste.  Building more underground retention basins – i.e. holding tanks – to combat flooding and sewage overflow – has to end.  It will rain more, harder, longer, faster than these short sighted, band-aid type fixes can accommodate.

Michigan is the FRESHWATER poster child of America, the entire world.

Let’s not screw this up !



14 Mile Road – New Years Project in 2019

Plan on 14 Mile Road between Dequindre to Ryan Road , in Warren, to get torn up.


Many people use 14 Mile to get to the I-75 freeway and the Oakland Mall area.


Warren is one of the few cities that has its own Waste Water Treatment Plant






People need to be careful

NOT every stormdrain has TOILET waste in it AND a sewer should have zero Rain.

Okay read that again, slowly, carefully.  A stormdrain is for storms, aka, rain storms, thunder storms, snow storms and water falling out of the sky.  The sewer , as we WRONGFULLY have been calling them for a century is for the Toilet Waste.

Years ago, people dumped their night pot shit directly only the streets, really they did. People would sweep the shit off the streets into the grates and the shit and rain mixed.

Well we never EVOLVED.  The toilet pipes should be, and often are, very, very separate from the rain water pipes – except when budgetary shortcuts were taken and they were combined.

All this came to a head with a recent news story that showed INCORRECTLY an ordinary rain drain , with an accompanying article about “”combined sewage overflow””

This is Ryan Road, a bridge over the Red Run in Warren – with a large stormwater runoff pipe for the rain, sliding off the neighborhood, into the open channel “ditch”.

Ryan Road stormdrain Red Run Channel.jpg

This is the 12TownsDrain which is MASSIVE (you could drive school busses into it),  over on Dequindre Road,  the borderline of the Oakland County with MacombCounty.  It is used for COMBINED SEWAGE OVERFLOW and flood control of cities like Royal Oak, Clawson, Madison Heights, etc. because they have no true Waste Water Treatment plants. When it rains hard,  the sewage mixes with rain water and enters the Red Run (in Warren) open channel, flowing into the Clinton River.


The news story confused the two pictures :

State provides $3M to reduce combined sewer overflows, enhance water quality in Lake St. Clair

Posted: 11:40 AM, Dec 21, 2018
Updated: 1:33 PM, Dec 21, 2018


All this comes from a previous New Story that confused the facts in a video I took back on April 20th, 2017 and the local news caught hold of it and twisted it around.     

Make no doubt about it – The Red Run Drain does have combined sewage overflows FROM the OaklandCounty 12TownsDrain project over at Dequindre Road

12 Towns Drain

12 Towns Drain








Summary Reports (Mgal(US)/day)

Where does the water from the Great Lakes get used :




Why focus on Lake Huron  ?

Because most of the Drinking Water for Macomb comes from there


Macomb County Drinking Water

Macomb County Drinking Water


Sterling Relief Drain in Macomb County

Let’s examine the Sterling Relief Drain in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Sterling Relief Drain

It flows between 16 Mile Road and 15 Mile Road . Some might say Metropolitan Parkway, Big Beaver, etc., etc, and others might say Maple Road, the roads go by different names.

There is a LARGE automotive plant nearby –

FCA Sterling Heights Assembly Plant.jpg

Sterling Relief Extension.jpg

Will this actually aid residents who had flooding concerns in the past  ?  How much bang for the buck will the new $ 2 Million dollar project actually yield to residents  ?  No bike path – why not  {watch the video around the 4:15 mark }  ?

The news media hopped on the public relations campaign (From the Macomb Daily)

Public Works will create a “green infrastructure” by planting 5,000 trees and shrubs along two miles of the football-field-wide drain, allowing nature to filter contaminants that damage Lake St. Clair’s water quality.

Chrysler Plants.jpg

Chrysler Sterling Stamping, 35777 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48312

Where does the water go – Sterling Relief Drain – Sterling Heights, Michigan


Great use of tax payer money ——- you decide  !!!!!!




2018 Winter Prediction

There is a slight chance we will have a milder winter around Michigan 2018/2019


As the equatorial Pacific Ocean warms up, the “El Nino effect”, occurs. Meteorologists don’t expect much disruption this year , predicting only a 33% CHANCE of warmer temps around the Detroit Michigan area.


Spill on Red Run Drain 3:15pm Nov 1, 2018

Intense prismatic rainbow effect upon the Red Run Drain flowing under Ryan Road Bridge, just south of 14 Mile Road,  in Warren, Macomb County, Michigan approximately 3:15 pm , this afternoon , on November 1, 2018

YouTube Video shot from my Motorola G5+ smartphone while standing on the Ryan Road Bridge pedestrian walkway looking towards Dequindre Road – the discharge point from the GWK Retention Basin aka 12TownsDrain.

SPILL – Red Run Drain November 1, 2018

Phone call placed to Jeff Bednar at 3:20pm on November 1, 2018  – Macomb County

Jeff Bednar

Environmental Engineer
Phone: 586-493-0685

Speaking with Candice Miller’s office about 3:20pm , they mentioned people were dispatched to view, assess, and determine what had transpired. They knew about it already, before I reported it.  I saw no one in the area on Ryan Road at 3:15pm.


GWK Drainage System

GWK Drainage System

GWK outlet


GWK original intake weir

GWK original intake weir


Ryan Road pedestrian walkway over the Red Run Drain, looking north to 14 Mile

Ryan Road north to Dawson Drive

View north to 14 Mile on Red Run Bridge Ryan Road

VOTING -perhaps change is needed

in both counties and , along with STATE level personnel – Have NOT done much the past 10 years to change the , waterways —   FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!

Red Run Today


Yes, The City of Warren actually has it’s own Waste Water Treatment Plant – completely separate from the entire piping system down in Detroit, Michigan.

PLEASE, always remember water works like this  !!!  Always has, always will .   IF it is connected to “”””something”””  and “”somewhere””” it will attempt to level itself out.  That means if you house is far, far away from a SOURCE, and that site begins flooding, everything connected to it , will eventually flood as well.


Warren gets a MASSIVE HUGE MONSTROUSLY ENORMOUS amount of stormwater from OaklandCounty with every hard rainstorm. It is combined sewage overflow , let me say that again — there is SEWAGE mixed into the stormwater , entering The City of Warren – from another county.  It contributes to the flooding issues of WARREN, in Macomb.


There is WATER in WARREN often, repeatedly, causing flooding for residents

The Flood Area Warren

Flood Map Oakland Macomb

Much of the water entering The City of WARREN, comes from the “”””other”””” county

Much of the water entering The City of WARREN, comes from the “”””other”””” county

Much of the water entering The City of WARREN, comes from the “”””other”””” county

—————-  This is a problem that will not magically go away ——————————-


Conner Creek Bear Creek Warren

Conner Creek Bear Creek Warren

Guess what goes into the RED RUN DRAIN — just about damn near everything around it,

even from places like Hazel Park, Royal Oak, Clawson, Berkley, etc., etc., etc. etc., etc., etc.


The good ol’ red Run Drain was re-hyped, beautified and called the GWK Drain District

— it is in fact the same damn thing it ever was, as the region has no WWTP of its own —


BEWARE of Privatizing Water DETROIT

Everyone should be extremely wary of privatizing DRINKING water in the USA. The methods, tactics, propaganda, and strategy used to achieve this are malicious.


The entire world has a FINITE amount of fresh DRINKING water, period, end, final !!

It is becoming more and more controlled, manipulated and considered a commodity.

Commodities are bought, sold , traded, speculated upon – just like the stock market.

— Tune in — Educate yourself and your family (yes even children) – to the reality of FRESHWATER quickly becoming a “”thing”” of  Power/War/Control in society.

Corporations that create and operate Drinking Water facilities around the world, are tied to the politics of those regions, and they fight vehemently for their STOCKHOLDERS, not the ones who are thirsty.  It is all about money, and never about humanity, and empathy.

Corporations have no soul. They are lifeless. They exist strictly as a money making mechanism for the investors, stockholders and bankers.

“”In exchange for Debt Relief , now we want you to Privatize the Water””

Water corporations like Veolia here in Detroit area are all about the money.

Veolia is an International Water Corporation which exists for stockholders $

BLUE GOLD is a very well made video of the  realities  with __FRESHWATER__ based upon a book of the same name:



Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water


The GLWA has money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA)
and the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)
are joined by a common mission; helping start, maintain,
and expand small businesses.

“This agreement allows the SBA and GLWA to work together to match small business owners with future procurement opportunities within GLWA,” says Constance Logan, SBA district director.

The Dream

The only go-to resource and voice for small businesses backed by the strength of the federal government, the SBA empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources and support they need to start, grow or expand their businesses, or recover from a declared disaster


Let’s hope Michigan Water is secure

Physical PEN testing is a real thing. Penetration testing of various sites actually occurs.  For those that never thought about it, never heard about, it’s time to wake up.  Securing MICHIGAN sites that involve water is something that needs some serious thought.

Some people ARE devious, inventive, inquisitive, and quite driven to succeed. Hopefully enough thought and action were taken beforehand to keep these people out.


An absolutely great video that should be shown to anyone in government who thinks their “stuff” is secure, unable to be accessed, safe from prying eyes, and all that jazz.  These guys are the borderline criminals who hack/crack/break ethically into buildings, server rooms, water reservoirs, pump stations, etc, etc to make officials aware of reality.

All toooooo often the simple items are forgotten, overlooked, taken for granted !!!!!!!

Red Run in Warren via OaklandCounty

Oakland County does Red Run Drain maintenance in Warren, along Red Run

The over the county border thing catches many people off guard ………


Flooding is always a concern

I tell people often, repeatedly, and forcefully :  GET a specific rider on your Home Insurance Policy for sewer related flooding i.e. water coming into your basement/home – from the existing piping.  This is very different from water entering your home from the street level, creeping towards your house, entering through windows,doors,garages, etc.


Snippets from a recent article in Emergency Management :

~ There are several issues regarding the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) residents need to figure out for dealing with flooding.

“We advocate for larger investment and resilience upfront of future disasters instead of just shoveling money out the door once a disaster happens,” said Joel Scata of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

One of the key issues is the lack of knowledge of the risk. “Everyone lives in a flood zone and with flooding being the most common natural disaster in the U.S., it is critical that property owners understand their level of risk,” said Patty Latshaw, senior vice president of compliance and principal NFIP flood coordinator.

NRDC would like to see an interactive database where people can log on and find out about the area they live in — the flood risks, if there are repeated damage claims and if the community is compliant with the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program)   ~

Areas like Warren, Michigan are VERY LOW geographically/topographically – the city is only about 620 ft above sea level . Keep in mind that Lake St.Clair has a surface level about 575 ft above sea level.  That means Warren has only about a 45 ft elevation difference from the lake.  Any hard rainfall into the Red Run, Clinton River, and it’s tributaries,  will cause flooding in SouthEast Michigan.


You would be quite foolish to think we will never see another flood event like 2014.   The MDEQ certainly isn’t able to tell anyone the cumulative total of gallons that enters the City of Warren from Oakland County  – because it simply isn’t measured by equipment. The combined sewage overflow (CSO) entering the Red Run Drain from the South Oakland County Sewage District System (SOCSDS -12Towns) –  just doesn’t include all the stormdrains.



Water will always “attempt” to find it’s own level, — pools are flat, right — regardless of the piping underneath them ???







WARREN is connected to Oakland County – directly – via the Red Run – aka 12TownsDrain

All the stormwater and sewage go through the Kuhn Basin and when it overflows, the water enters Warren, and our neighborhoods, via the street piping connected to the Red Run.


Overview Map Red Run Kuhn Retention facility

Overview Map Red Run Kuhn Retention facility






Innovative percolation rain water

Stormwater Management GRAF EcoBloc

“Local percolation of rainwater is gaining in importance. As we cover over more and more ground with concrete, we are interrupting the natural water cycle. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex combines environmental management of rainwater with the opportunity to protect against flooding. It stores rainwater and gradually releases it back into groundwater reserves.”




Radar Outage in SouthEast Michigan

I’ve written about Radar and Stormwater in the past.  Severe storms affect lives.


In order to better understand it all, click on the link below

Weather Underground – Detroit Metro Airport –
TDWR High Definition – Composite Reflectivity




CLEAN WATER needed today

Pretty much everyone in the USA has seen or heard of  :



For those interested in Human Powered craft like canoes and kayaks



Flood Watch Sept. 3rd Monday

Flood Watch -- National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI
304 PM Mon Sep 3 2018

Livingston - Oakland - Macomb- Washtenaw - Wayne -Monroe
Including the cities of Howell, Pontiac, Warren, Ann Arbor,
Detroit, Adrian, and Monroe
304 PM EDT Mon Sep 3 2018


* Many locations will see around 1 inch of rain, but isolated
  totals to 4 inches are possible. The Detroit Metro area and low
  lying areas will be most susceptible to possible flooding.

InfraStructure Water Politics

People need to be observant of what transpires around them, as it often affects a part of their daily lives. This is true in politics, as well as the great outdoors. Changes occur that might go un-noticed,  yet deserve a second look,  to ask , why  ?

Anne Vaara, used to be,  the Executive Director at the Clinton River Watershed Council, until 2017 – when she left,  and began as the Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner – under Jim Nash – in Oakland County.  She is now part of  WRC,  the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Leadership Team.


Jim Nash is up for re-election in 2020. Anne Vaara replaced Philip Sanzica, who retired after 3 decades as a Professional Engineer for the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office. Jim Nash is most definitely getting some heat over the combined sewer overflow events originating from the 12TownsDrain aka GWK Retention Basin – and who better to have nearby to consult , than Anne Vaara, who also worked at ECT Incorporated as a Senior Environmental Planner.   ECT stands for Environmental Consulting & Technology , they have offices in a few places around SouthEast Michigan.



The Clinton River via the Red Run Drain plays a crucial role to the communities of Oakland County across the borderline of Dequindre Road. These cities pay $ 50 MILLION DOLLARS  __ per year __ to make the rain water and toilet water disappear via the GWK Retention Basin located in Madison Heights.  What happens near the borderline, affects BOTH counties, including Candice Miller over in Macomb County.  Regional cooperation and foresight is necessary for SouthEast Michigan to evolve forward to cleaner waters.




It often rains hard enough, and long enough, to overwhelm the GWK Retention Basin, resulting in a CSO event,  spilling into the Red Run Drain of Warren, Michigan.



Warren begins on stormwater storage

Warren is on the cusp of building a very large Stormwater Basin to comply with the DEQ mandate to take action, somehow.  The basin will be constructed on the former Roosevelt Elementary School property, on Stephens east of the intersection of Schoenherr and Groesbeck. The City of Warren issued a $55 Million dollar bond a while back to combat hard rainfalls.

As Warren will not  be connecting to the OMID (Oakland Macomb Interceptor Drain), it had to find an alternate solution.  From my perspective this is a lost opportunity , but the financial wrangling failed.

Back in 2014 , the City of Warren suffered severely via stormwater damages totalling  $1.2  BILLION and affecting over 18,000 residents.

Warren Enclosed Drains

Traditional Flat Paper Map

Traditional Flat Paper Map


Warren does a lot of stormwater brainstorming via the Metco company.  The Warren City Council  voted 5-2 on March 12, 2013 to approve engineering contracting with Metco and James VanHavermaat.

The City of Warren does have it’s own Waste Water Treatment Plant — BUT has had problems of being overwhelmed with stormwater from time to time due to Inflow and Infiltration (I & I).  Number 4 in the diagram below , are the Final Clarifier Tanks which went thru a bidding process for rehabilitation back in 2014 (before the big storm)

Warren WasteWater Plant.jpg






Calling out Candice Miller

If laws exist at the FEDERAL Level   – Why doesn’t Candice Miller use them, ask for enforcement of them (publically), and make a HUGE MASSIVE ISSUE out of them for the Combined Sewage Overflow problem plaguing the Clinton River  ?  Michigan needs to get serious and clean up its waterways – even if it humiliates and embarrasses some people.

Decisions made 20, 30, 40 years ago – are old – and what may have seemed like a wonderful way to — cut corners – go cheap – and throw a problem over the wall for others to deal with – NOW NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.  The freshwater we have in Michigan is way too precious a commodity/resource to kick the can down the road any more.

Waiting for CSO reports – with a manual, archaic system – on a MDEQ webpage stinks  !!.  If Oakland and Macomb County cannot tap the amazing intellectual powerhouses of computer/technology resources that exist under their noses, SHAME ON THEM.

We have an Open Channel Ditch – and it fills up – IS NOT – a great system – either county should be proud about anymore. It is an eyesore, doesn’t do much for property values, no one recreates upon it, or in it, and it transports diluted POOP into a river and to other peoples seawalls. The knowledge, the tech, the ability exists, now we need the will of politicians.


GWK Macomb Oakland

How many years ?

Oakland County has been fouling the Clinton River for the past 50 YEARS  !!!!!HistoricalRedRun


It still takes SEVERAL DAYS for Oakland County to post actual volumes of combined sewage overflow via a manual, archaic, outdated system of handwritten paperwork.

Meanwhile public is left wondering if an actual CSO EVENT occurred, since the State DEQ Website is never filled out in a timely manner to inform the public on rainfall, amount discharged.

Who likes to kayak in Sewage invested rivers after a hard rain in Mt Clemens ?? Perhaps you wanted to go to the beach when the sun comes out and the temperature rises  ?



Heavy rain closes out July 2018

HEAVY rainfall predicted this evening 7/31/2018


Hard packed , dry ground, will probably have a good deal of run off, before it percolates down into the dirt, gravel, and various layers.


USGS gauge location where it all converges near the Freedom Hill amphitheatre

Gauge Location Pinch Point

Michigan House Bills 6242-6249

Separate the toilet Sewers from the rainwater StormDrains  in Oakland County,  Macomb County and Wayne County  via House Bills 6242-6249 which will expand the Clean Michigan Initiative to provide: sewer infrastructure projects, water quality monitoring & pollution control, address septic systems.


Recent rainfall problems Oakland County

The southeast area of Michigan finally received some rain, perhaps a bit too much. Reports of some flooding and power outages are coming in now Monday morning. If the electrical power is out, a basement sump pump just doesn’t work.


In some areas near Southfield, the precipitation estimates are 2 inches +


Rainfall is a dynamic event involving Location, Intensity/Timing, and Duration.  It can rain like hell in one place, and not the other. Rainfall can be a deluge or just a light mist. Sometimes it will last for just an hour, other times it last all day.  Predicting the exact amount of stormwater runoff from a rain event is a tricky beast.

Treating sewage overflows

No entity in Michigan occasionally releases RAW sewage into a creek, stream, river, lake. They actually do attempt to let it settle, screen it, and then they hit whats left over with Sodium Hypochlorite.  Hard rainstorms compress this time sensitive cycle .

Ohh you say —  bleach;  — but do you really understand what you are talking about  ?

From the comments, discussions, forums, etc. I read, most people forgot Chemistry. Remember IONS ?  A cation is a positively-charged ion, an anion is negatively charged. How about ordinary table salt you eat every day , Sodium Chloride , NaCl  ?

Let’s set the record right and help out those confused folks among us. 

Sodium hypochlorite  — Lithium hypochlorite —  Calcium hypochlorite
These are known as UN-stabilized Chlorine compounds.

The stuff for your POOL is stabilized via Cyanuric Acid (sunblock)
Sunshine quickly degrades chlorine, making it loose effectiveness over time.
You may have seen Dichlor and Trichlor for outdoor pools sold as a “puck”

So what you say,  all chlorine works in a similar manner, right  ?   WRONG –                    The key item to focus upon is the (AC) =available chlorine 

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is a liquid Chlorine and has around 10-12%  (AC).                          Ordinary household bleach has only about 5% (AC) , it is weak/safe in comparison.

  • Lithium Hypochlorite

Lithium Hypochlorite is granular Chlorine with a 35% (AC)  . Often used as a shock treatment for pools, but it is relatively expensive in large quantities

  • Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite is granular with (AC) of 40-70% used in pools.

SMELL –  there is too much chlorine in the pool Myth 

Hypochlorous Acid is the disinfectant form of Chlorine in the water known to most as Free Chlorine, or what you test your water to see what level it is Hypochlorous Acid is made up of a Hydogren ion and a Hypochlorite ion. These two Ions join and separate a number of times in the water. Their main purpose is to break apart, attack the bad stuff, regenerate, and reconnect keeping the water disinfected.

When you smell a “Chlorine” smell it’s the Hypochorous Acid that broke apart, attacked the bad stuff, but has nothing to regenerate and attach itself to. This give off the smell which makes one think the level is too high when it’s actually too low. The best remedy is to shock the pool to raise the Chlorine level and to get rid of the bad stuff.