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No Beach for Fathers Day ?

Currently the Beach over by Lake St Clair is CLOSED – I still call it Metro Beach


NOAA forecast reporting a HOT wonderful summer weekend :


Ecoli sticks to beach sand. As soon as kids run in and stir up all that wet warm sand,  the bacteria will be “present” once again in the waters, right near the beach. Separating the toilet sewers – from the rain drains – and actually truly physically/chemically treating the mixed water – is the only way to end this horrendous fiasco, once and for all. Retention basins don’t cut it, pure and simple, proven in-effective, after decades of use.

Red Run Clinton Metro Beach Bacteria

Red Run Clinton Metro Beach Bacteria


Combined Sewers SouthEast Michigan

Combined Sewers SouthEast Michigan – Oakland County boasts about being financially wonderfully flush with revenue/cash.  How about we start there, separating the rain storm drains from the toilet/laundry/garbagedisposal drains – and using a true Waste Water Treatment Plant  – instead of a spray-and-pray retention basin which overflows constantly the past 50 years.


1961 Red Run Drain & 12 Towns Drain

Oakland County started sewage overflow into Macomb back in the 1960’s

Article from 1961 in the Detroit Free Press , described the project, costs, etc.

You may want to view EACH image, separately, and enlarge it to read the text.




1958 Commissioner and Red Run

1958 Commissioner and Red Run

Can P3 save the Great Lakes ?


P3 stands for Public & Private Partnership – a unique way of funding infrastructure

A recent WhitePaper Report explores the possibility of  wealthy private investors collaborating with municipalities who don’t want to constantly have more bonds.

The P3GreatLakes Initiative addresses these issues in the Great Lakes basin

1) Alternative delivery options, such as Community-based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3) and stormwater credit trading, that seek out more efficient, cheaper delivery

2) Alternative finance options, such as Environmental Impact Bonds (EIB), that help meet capital needs upfront,achieve pay-for-performance related savings, and pay for underfunded public services and infrastructure

3) Decentralized stormwater management systems called Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) that when properly designed and placed, are cost-effective ways of managing stormwater, improving water quality, and providing aesthetically pleasing solutions.


Macomb County WasteWater

I will attempt to share information I recently found on the internet regarding

Macomb County WasteWater maps, plans, etc.

It is a LARGE file, and is best viewed with Adobe Acrobat PDF file reader


YES, it involves reading, scrolling, moving thru about 50 pages of information that MAY seem irrelevant at times – push on to the next page – just deal with it.

A glimpse of what is inside :  ( hopefully you can click and enlarge for yourself)

Detailed MacombCounty.jpg

A large majority of wastewater is conveyed via the INTERCEPTOR system

– into Detroit for the Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant to process

Warren is one of the few cities to have its own Waste Water Treatment Plant


Wastewater thoughts

Take a second and think HOW you actually use water at your house.  Only a small portion, about 20 percent passes through faucets for drinking. Another 20 percent passes through showers or bathtubs coming in contact with your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.


The rest is split between the toilet, the washing machine, dishwasher, and sometimes watering the lawn, or washing your car.  Let those percentages sink into your brain.

Now think about a major rainstorm, lasting several days, thoroughly drenching everything in sight, and sending massive amounts of runoff into the stormdrains.  Approximately  770 communities across the United States have combined sewer systems. When rainwater is excessive and overwhelms the capacity of the old systems, the combined wastewater and stormwater,  gets minimal treatment and is released directly into adjoining bodies of water.

Here is the problem – what people are primarily charged for,  is the Drinking Water. Residents in a community don’t want to be charged for the Rain RunOff  aka StormWater. Of course no one wants to pay more for their Drinking Water, in an effort to raise funds for the wastewater side of the problem. So a conundrum exists, a paradox, a big tough issue.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates between 1.8 million – and 3.5 million people,  per year,  become ill from recreational contact, such as swimming, with water contaminated by overflows of sanitary sewers, which carry sewage to wastewater treatment plants.



Weather and Memorial Day 2018

In the United States, Memorial Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of May.

The weather cycle across the USA had Michigan see a LOT of rain for Mothers Day weekend May 12/13, causing local combined sewage overflow events. The weather pattern is set for another round of showers just before Memorial Day. Currently we have High pressure – which will – of course – lead to low pressure later on in the week, – before the Memorial Day Holiday.




IF people want to play at the Beach , recreate on the Rivers and Lakes in Macomb County when the sun pops out – we NEED to push politicians for wastewater  improvements.


SouthEast Michigan needs to UPGRADE and EVOLVE sewage infrastructure in an effort to protect our drinking water , along with the streams, rivers, lakes residents recreate in.

Water Source Location.png

Three inches of rain and CSO events

It rained quite a bit the past few days, over Mothers Day weekend, May 12/13, 2018

Of course, a Combined Sewer Overflow took place, flowing into the Red Run Drain, the Clinton River and on to Lake St Clair, fouling the waters.


Candice Miller and other government officials are VERY aware of the issue/situation and we must relentlessly, tenaciously, incessantly pound on them for change. Yes it’s expensive, Yes it’s complicated, Yes it takes time – Get STARTED – Get FUNDING – GO !!!


The history on this issue goes back many, many DECADES

It involves the USACE, The Federal Government, and numerous other agencies.

Flood Watch continues May 14

Beware, the soils in SouthEast Michigan are already saturated from recent rainfall

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI
405 AM EDT Mon May 14 2018

…Periods of heavy rain expected this morning and again tonight…

Livingston – Oakland – Macomb – Washtenaw
Wayne – Lenawee – Monroe –
Including the cities of
Howell, Pontiac, Warren, Ann Arbor,
Detroit, Adrian, and Monroe


* Two more rounds of showers and thunderstorms will affect the area
this morning and again tonight. The potential exists to add an
additional 1 to 2 inches of rainfall to already saturated soils.
Most of the watch area has recieved between 2 to 4 inches over
the last couple days.

* Urban, low lying and poor drainage areas prone to flooding will
be most susceptible. Rises on area rivers, streams and creeks
will be possible, with the potential for minor flooding to



Flood Advisory May 12, 2018

A second round of showers and thunderstorms is moving in tonight and overnight across the Metro Detroit region of Michigan. Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of small creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots.


Flood Advisory

Flood Advisory
National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI
1133 AM SAT MAY 12 2018

Wayne MI – Oakland MI – Livingston MI – Washtenaw MI-
1133 AM EDT SAT MAY 12 2018


Showers and a few thunderstorms over the Detroit Metro area will
diminish early this afternoon, with minor flooding continuing in the
advisory area. One and half to two and half inches of rain has
fallen along and close to Eight Mile Road within the past 24 hours.

Additional accumulations early this afternoon will be around a
quarter of an inch for most locations with locally higher amounts

Clinton River basically DOUBLED in height


Warren – Michigan’s 3rd largest city
on Saturday, May 12, 2018 about 5:30pm

2018 and Ecoli

Let’s hope there is a true CONCENTRATED and FOCUSED imperative to eliminate the Ecoli in our local streams and rivers originating from Human sources (feces). This involves funding, monetary resources, budgets, manpower and the pure raw will of the people to stop sewage contamination from screwing up The Great Lakes State of Michigan.

Notice how Oakland County clearly ties into Macomb County via tributaries


The area where the Clinton River enters Lake St Clair should not be brown with sewage overflow and sediment spewing forth , visible from aerial reconnaissance. It is after all where a major MetroPark exists,  and people want to swim on hot summer days.


I truly hope the MDEQ doesn’t sweep anything under the rug, hide info, etc. and just reports the bare facts to the public. Metro Detroit is HIGH TECH, we have highly educated, smart people all around the area.

We need accurate, timely reporting of incidents, events, spills, overflows.  No one one should drive to a beach, only to find out it is closed for swimming.  Everyone wants to go kayaking/canoeing on the Clinton River, YET it is fouled almost every rainstorm.

Public pressure, scrutiny, criticism is mandatory in a democratic government.  The more involved ordinary people are in the health and welfare of an area, the better it becomes.

I don’t think we should wait – several days – before knowing about the all too often occurrence of Combined Sewer Overflows – in SouthEast Michigan. It is appalling  !!!





Stormwater management fails

Everyone WANTS to be green/blue, environmentally conscientious, but the hard reality remains – it requires maintenance after it is installed – and that costs money – after the fact – years later.

Parking lots prevent rain from soaking into the ground.
The trees are cleared, and the paved surfaces absorb more
solar radiation than its surroundings, thus raising temperatures.

What sounds like a wonderful solution – just is not

The idea of a Bioswale : those sections of soil and vegetation to allow rain to percolate. As soon as some vegetation dies, leaves fall off, etc., the permeability is compromised. They degrade, quite naturally, unless a maintenance team does periodic work.

The idea of a Pond :  something to collect rainwater. they also collect trash, algae, debris, etc. and it all will eventually clog the inlet/outlet pipes. Surely a gentlemen will “volunteer” himself to dunk his body several feet underwater, into gooo, just to “fix” the problem, unpaid, eh ? Aeration you say, well that costs money, for a long while !!!

The idea of more Pipes : funny thing about these objects, they need access points to prevent being clogged with debris – and that brings up the point of “who” does the actual access , and the cleaning ?  Pipes collapse, leak, fail and require – yep, maintenance.

It requires a LONG TERM strategy that can’t be whimsically thought up in a few minutes. Brainstorming, thinking till it hurts, and then putting it out there for peer review, criticism, alternate option debate, is what really needs to happen – and that takes time – and money  $$$$.

Ready, set , go  – oh, snap, am I asking too much of paid representatives/politicians  ?

Is sewage/stormwater political suicide for someone to wear like a pair of coveralls ?

Yes, it involves MONEY – huge massive freighter boatloads of it – now AND later  !!!!

How is SouthEast Michigan doing, a report card so to speak – decide for yourself

We are fast approaching 2020+ , are you satisfied with the progress/solutions  ???

Rainbow sheen on Red Run in Warren

A rainbow sheen appeared upon the waters of the Red Run Drain by Ryan Road , just south of 14 Mile Road in Warren on Wednesday May 2, 2018 around 12:00 noon.

Oil Sheen.png

Candice Miller released – “A petroleum sheen was observed on the Red Run Drain in Warren earlier today, in the general vicinity of Ryan and Chicago roads. We responded, as did the Warren Fire Dept. We have placed booms and taken other measures to control and remove the material from the drain. Finding the source of these pollutants is often difficult, but we have begun the investigation. For now, the pollutant is contained. If you see anything that appears to be polluting a local waterway in Macomb County, you can call our 24-hour hotline, 1-877-679-4337. The number is staffed around the clock.”

It’s been very DRY

The weather has been so extremely dry, the weather service actually issued fire danger warnings for SouthEast Michigan on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Fire May 2018.png

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Hazardous Weather Outlook
National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI
330 PM EDT Tue May 1 2018

St. Clair-Livingston-Oakland-Macomb-Washtenaw-Wayne-Lenawee-Monroe-
330 PM EDT Tue May 1 2018

This hazardous weather outlook is for southeast Michigan.

.DAY ONE...This Afternoon and Tonight

A red flag warning is in effect through early this evening. Fire
danger will be elevated due to low humidity levels, gusty winds and
warm temperatures.

Choosing the right words

Metaphors make complex concepts easier to digest, they inevitably simplify, shape, and distort our perceptions of these concepts, changing our thoughts in ways that we are not aware of.” A quote from a recent article, by Steve Rathje :

People STILL today, use the term sewer, when speaking of rain water falling upon a man-made surface. The rain aka stormwater, fell from the sky, never touching a toilet. Depending where you live, it may be combined with the toilet waste, laundry tub, bath water, etc. – deep inside the drain piping system. It may also enter a completely unique, special pipe, just for rainwater run-off from a street, driveway, parking lot, etc. etc.

DO YOU USE THE WORD SEWER – when speaking about rain water ? – WHY ?


The word “sewer”  brings the connotation of toilet waste along with it. If someone said the “rainwater drain” from over there, flows into the Clinton River, you might think it’s better, cleaner, more pristine, perhaps. The sad fact is that Oakland County does have a combined sewer system that often overflows into the Clinton River via the Red Run Drain. This can not be allowed to continue  !!  We must force changes in the laws concerning “”treatment”” of toilet waste in Michigan and force Oakland County to evolve.

GWK Drainage System

GWK Drainage System


Great Lakes Surfers monitor water

“The surfing community has been helping us to collect water samples and monitor recreational areas,” says Tully, “sharing information of what they see on the water, which is great because they tend to go into more isolated and less traditional areas than those swimmers and beachgoers use.

Surf the Great Lakes – OH YES most definitely  !!!!

People like Kayakers, SUP, Canoeists, Surfers are the ones on and in the water. They SHOULD be able to submit water samples and get them analyzed.  Local citizens who walk outdoors SHOULD collect samples from local Open Channel StormDrains for evaluation – and the EPA/MDEQ should encourage this !!!


Call it Citizen Science, call it whatever your heart desires, it needs to be done because the Great Lakes are FRESHWATER – the one thing , in extremely short supply,  on this entire planet.

FRESHWATER is NOT infinite, that idiotic saying of Dilution is the Solution never really worked and needs to be thrown away – forever.  The Chemicals linger, persist, and never go away. The pollution via plastic, pharmaceuticals, petroleum manufacturing, etc., etc are always constant threats to millions of citizens on a daily basis in the Great Lakes region.


Clinton River crest Wednesday morning

It would appear the Clinton River reached its crest of 16 ft. Pay close attention to the speed that the Clinton River doubled in height ( within 24 hours).


PLEASE keep in mind how the Macomb County neighborhoods connect to the Red Run and other tributaries of the Clinton River ( via the street stormdrains).  When those tributaries are full, so is your neighborhood piping connected to it.


The flood warning is NOT over, it continues on parts of the Clinton River ………….

New Warning

Update Clinton River flooding

The Clinton River continues to rise during Tuesdays rainfall

Clinton 2

Location of the gauge where the tributaries merge together

Gauge Location


The stormwater from Oakland County 12TownsDrain adds to the Clinton River volume during hard prolonged rainfall events.  Rain always involves Intensity & Duration.

Clinton River prediction Feb 21 morning

Direct from NOAA :  moderate flooding by Wednesday morning

ClintonRiver _ 3am_2_20_2018

Gauge Location

Gauge Location.png

Flood Watch: Mon – Wed

A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding

The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac has issued a

* Flood Watch for a portion of southeast Michigan, including the
following areas, Bay, Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Lenawee,
Livingston, Macomb, Midland, Monroe, Oakland, Saginaw, Sanilac,
Shiawassee, St. Clair, Tuscola, Washtenaw, and Wayne.

* From noon EST today through Wednesday afternoon

* Widespread rain will develop across the region today through
Wednesday. Rainfall will be moderate in intensity at times.
Rainfall amounts between 1 and 3 inches are expected with
additional water added to runoff from the complete melting of the

* Urban, low lying and poor drainage areas prone to flooding will
be most susceptible. Rises on area rivers, streams and creaks are
expected, with the potential for minor flooding to occur.


That fishing thing

Let us be BRUTALLY honest and say it clearly  :

When the State of Michigan is telling people to consume something

~ only ONCE PER MONTH ~ or perhaps not at all, ever, all year

The water is not in pristine wonderful clean condition  !!!!!

If it is not good for the fish ~ how good is that water for you ~  ???

The One



Snyder addresses Water Infrastructure

Finally, as he is on the way out, Snyder “”talks”” about infrastructure –

See also the Twitter HashTag #Foundation4MIFuture

A little too late, way overdue, and it seems just a trifle insincere, but it’s something.




Windsor waste water video

This may be one of the BEST videos I’ve seen explaining what actually happens to every toilet, sink, drain, etc.  exiting from your house, and entering the “system” .  While the video is all about Windsor, Ontario, Canada, our neighbor – it works just as well for the greater metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan.

The video has a bit of humor, plenty of hard facts, and only runs 9 minutes



Warren City Council ecoli forum

Warren City Council video { Jan 9, 2018 } from recent meeting on ECOLI – (notice time mark 2hr 15min) – they drop it and restart at 2hr 20min mark – quite odd but its on video….- it goes on for 50 minutes till 3hr 10min mark .

An amazing # of water drain Tests ~ 600 per year, in Warren  ?

How is that new fangled updated MDEQ Ecoli mapper fitting into it all ?

Watch the council meeting for yourself :

Warren should do everything it can to ELIMINATE itself in the Ecoli arena. Then and only then – can it proudly say – the problem exists from another source. The county/state must spend money $ on genetic testing of water samples, determining animal vs. human sewage contamination, and then take action.

People need to know if the Clinton River gets contaminated from human sewage, period ! Are the beaches safe from human sewage, find the answer, why or why not  ?


Honesty in reporting on MDEQ Maps

Having honesty and integrity is paramount to providing info to the public. The sad fact is that there has NOT been much testing, of the Red Run Drain in the last few years, even the past decade. Perhaps politicians were tired of hearing the truth, repeatedly, as bad news hurts, and usually hurts their careers and attempts to re-elected.

When I had an email about a NEW and IMPROVED pollution map, I’m was excited. That excitement lasted about 15 seconds…..and then I saw the truth firsthand, and cried. We are fast approaching 2020+ and MDEQ wants to pull a “”snow job”” on us, very sad.

New and Improved.png

The harsh reality – nothing had been updated on the Red Run Drain, no NEW tests, no NEW information, in fact, – it’s over 10 years out-of-date.

The Pollution Mapper.png

ALL those white dots by The City of Warren along Red Run Drain area , indicating Ecoli monitoring sites,  were from 1999/2004.  There was zero new information/testing. I doubt anyone has actually walked-down-the-banks of the Red Run and done anything lately.

BeaverCreek Sterling Heights

Red Run Sterling Heights

Bear Creek Bridge Warren.png

Red Run Bridge Warren

Red Run Ryan Road.png

Red Run Madison Heights.png

Bear Creek

I’ll call it like I see it. The MDEQ is attempting to appease public concern over Ecoli – and failing when it comes right down to it. The MDEQ really is NOT on top of its game, to inform the public about the timing, occurrence, and exact location of Ecoli .

This spring 2018 – it will rain hard , we’ll have combined sewer overflows (again) , and nothing will have truly changed, whatsoever. The beaches WILL be closed (again) and the true culprits will go free, un-fined, no slap on the wrist, no nothing at all.

What will it take to SOLVE the Ecoli problem –  actual riots demanding heads roll   ?  Maybe some should lose their jobs, be demoted, sent home to re-evaluate it all.


Macomb wants to promote Clinton River canoe/kayaking, ESPECIALLY when the sun comes out,  after a huge rainstorm – BUT can it really , with sewage in the water flow ?


It’s time to demand Oakland County change its ways for SEWAGE and Stormwater.  We , over here in Macomb, can not actually allow, another 100 years of this to continue. Our property, our families, and our recreation should be without sewage upon us.



Consolidate Gas Electric Water as one ?

Be wary of private investors in the USA seeking to move towards a true Energy Monopoly, consolidating your electric, natural gas and water into 1 private utility company.  The shortfalls in municipal infrastructure investment are driving new configurations of energy.  Private players are poised to capitalize on struggling water and wastewater utilities.

In 2017 an entity known as Eversource Energy planned to acquire Aquarion Water in a $1.7 BILLION dollar proposal. Eversource was already New England’s largest energy provider of natural gas and electric. The service territory covered 3 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The EPA Violations of Michigan indicate a need for infrastructure investment. Federal funding for water infrastructure has waned putting the financial burden upon states.

EPA Violations

Over the next 10 years , American municipal utilities need $ 532 BILLION dollars in capital, to fix combined sewer overflows and deteriorated piping networks.

Stormwater is a major source of pollution in the USA. Stormwater is NOT clean water to begin with and it gets worse when antiquated sewer systems overflow. “Everyone
pollutes. Everyone enjoys the benefits of clean water. Everyone should pay.”  a quote from Michael Curley in the December 2017 edition of Water Finance and Management.

Planners have to fit projects within many constraints, between the rate increases, and
the requirement to modernize our water and wastewater utilities.  Analysis is very different from fire-fighting multiple crisis, and the focus must be on strategic insight for true value-added benefits.

No one really cares who is the Excel Ninja. The true power exists in visually mapping relationships and dependencies between projects. Understanding the shared resources, sequencing, and logistics yield the real, true, cost structure.  There must be so called “simulations” involving the budgetary iterative processes of planning.

The problems involve so much more than just throwing money at them  !!!  The absolute nonsense of an invisible boundary between counties needs to be RE-evaluated. Those at a higher elevation DO NOT get to dump upon those below them.




BlueWater tool for Macomb

Since the Red Run Drain flows through Warren, does Macomb actually, really, truly know, the exact water volume entering the county (from all the inputs) ? Why Not ?

Macomb County Public Works Office (MCPWO) started development of BLUEWATER. It will be the county’s new Web-Based Data Review Tool. This program will integrate with the current SCADA platform (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ) along with the NEXGEN asset management program. The goal, is to make this software available, to all of the communities. How much info will the general public be able to see, perhaps city council members, for the checks/balances of actual flow/billing remains to be seen.

The old software program was called MCMARS (Macomb County Meter Analysis and Reporting System). It allowed Macomb to manage, analyze, and report on sanitary sewer meters and their data. Originally developed in 2008 , it needed updating/replacement.

Johnson & Anderson Inc. along with the Web UI development, Ghadys, began the development of the new application, BlueWater back in 2015.

Some of BlueWater functions:
• Management of sewer flow and rainfall meters
• Management of linear combinations of sewer flow meters into virtual meters
• Recording of data from sewer flow and rainfall meters from Wondenvare historian
• Import / export data
• Chart and tabularize data
• Create Average Dry Weather Plow (ADWF) patterns to be used in sewer flow correction and RDII calculation
• Develop sewer flow meter correlations to be used in sewer flow correction
• Addition tools to assist operators in correcting sewer flow and preparing sewer flow for billing reports
• Output individual sewer flow meter reports and community based reports for the purpose to billing communities based on sewer flow volume

J and A.png



Learn more about NEXGEN –  A Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that integrates asset planning features into one comprehensive program

As many people are quite aware, Oakland Counties actions impact directly upon Macomb residents lives, recreation and property.  Data provides insight and the power to make decisions.


Peace of mind with Roost

Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector uses WiFi


  • Senses water leak and sends alerts to smartphone
  • Great beneath toilets, kitchen sink, hot water heater and more
  • Freeze alert helps prevent frozen pipes
  • Customizable temperature and humidity settings
  • Improved setup. Silently connects to home Wi-Fi in minutes
  • 3-year battery life (AAA batteries included)

Get more info here  :


FreshWater needs Champions

Meeting the challenge of interacting threats in freshwater ecosystems:

A call to scientists and managers


PLEASE read more at this link – MICHIGAN is Fresh Water – it needs protection !!

Open Science for Public Good.

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene is a trans-disciplinary, open-access journal committed to the facilitation of collaborative, peer-reviewed research


Snow melt runoff

Snowmelt runoff often has a higher concentration of pollutants. Impervious surfaces do not allow the runoff to infiltrate into the soil. The runoff is influenced primarily by rubbish, pavement erosion, emissions from vehicles, and road de-icing. Pollutants are accumulated in the snowpack and then released intermittently.


The inorganic constituents of snowmelt runoff in urban areas indicates the components could pose a potential environmental threat.  Studies show snowpack has concentrations of inorganic ions such as chloride, phosphate, nitrate and ammonium, heavy metals (HM) – Pb, Cu, Mn, Zn, Fe, Ni, Cr – as well as total suspended solids (TSS).

TSS and chloride ions are the main pollutants in the snowmelt runoff.  Areas with the heaviest traffic and the most intensive salting and snow removal are at risk as the applied reagents are readily washed away.

Suspended solids can absorb pollutants on their surface and then release them on entering the receiving waters, causing long-term pollution effects. The elevated TSS levels alter natural sedimentation processes in watercourses and can result in increased turbidity, depletion of dissolved oxygen, inhibition of benthic aerobic microorganisms and impairment of photosynthesis

USGS for Clinton River

The United States Geologic Survey (USGS) compiles a huge amount of info about WATER

The Clinton River Watershed is a large one in SouthEast Michigan, spanning BOTH the Oakland and Macomb County areas, based on the topography of the Michigan.


The Clinton River Watershed is broken into smaller groupings via HUC codes. An HUC code is the Hydrological Unit Code.

Learn more about the Watershed here , via the USGS :