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Red Run improvements in 2011

July 28, 2011

Red Run Improvements

A large $5.1-million project is underway to reduce pollution and sedimentation
in the Red Run Drain, the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair.

Erosion Control

Front Loader

Nonwoven geotextile fabric for separation and underlayment
provides erosion control material. It effectively separates two layers
of soil that have differing physical properties
i.e. (grain size distribution, consistency, density)
and prevents fine particles under stress from migrating.
This compacts the soil creating a stable environment for vegetation growth.
It’s often used as an underlayment for embankments. The GT180 fabric is made from
100% needle punched polypropylene. It is also sunlight UV and decay resistant.
These features provide for successful vegetation growth..

GT180 Fabric

Stabilize river bank

Stabilizing drains on river banks

Straw with fabric for erosion control

Erosion control

Bridge location cross streets

GT180 Fabric near Eckstein Park

GT180 Fabric for Red Run


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