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Rain in Warren Michigan

August 14, 2011

Warren, Michigan is the 3rd largest city in Michigan – It’s covered in concrete

Warren Urban Industrial Michigan

Warren has a population density was 4,000 inhabitants per square mile.
There are approximately 1,700 housing units per square mile.
With 34 square miles of surface area, that’s well over 100,000 people.

Warren Top 5 Employers Michigan


The automotive and military sector have huge building and parking lots.

Add in the I-696 freeway, M-53 Van Dyke Avenue, M-97 Groesbeck Highway
and of course M-102 Eight Mile Road in addition to 100’s of other streets;
there is almost NO ordinary, plain, open, land covered with grass .

All the rain falling from the sky is forced to flow into the drainage systems.

The rain is not percolating thru the ground like it did 100’s of years ago.
In 1978, estimates had 49,000 acres of 80,000 acres along Red Run as urban area.

The rain scours hard surfaces and forces it into the rivers.

Eventually all the dirty storm water ends up in Lake St. Clair via the Clinton River.

Red Run Land Usage 1978

Red Run Land Usage 1978


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