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Red Run chlorine usage

August 21, 2011

Retention basins like Kuhn rely on sodium hypochlorite
(formula NaClO) aka bleach to disinfect the massive
amount of water that enters into them.
Cities and municipalities pay roughly $1.00 per gallon
to bulk bleach suppliers thru multi-year contracts.

Natural events like prolonged heavy thunderstorms put a
huge strain on elderly designed, gravity fed,
drainage systems,  which simply become overwhelmed.
Retention basins have a limited capacity and must
release millions of gallons of water at some point.

Free residual chlorine in the wastewater must be
controlled to meet mandates and budgetary costs.
Real time process feedback is critical for optimal levels.

The catch. it’s almost impossible to treat every drop of stormwater.
– Especially with decades old infrastructure drainage systems.

“There is a range of health and environmental challenges facing
our urban waters today — but each challenge is matched by an
incredible opportunity to transform distressed urban waterfronts
into centerpieces for community revitalization,”
said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Urban waters have the
potential to support healthy environments, growing business and
educational and recreational activities.
By bringing together the experience and expertise of multiple
federal partners, we have a chance to reconnect local residents,
young people and community groups with the environmental
resources all around them.”

Government involvement waterways

Government involvement waterways

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