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Red Run has 2 evil twins

October 5, 2011

The Red Run construction projects were never intended to reduce or eliminate
actual flooding on the Red Run Drain. All of the storm water that falls in
southeast Oakland County must flow down the Red Run Drain.

Back in 2002 a ” North & South ” pipeline running parallel to the Red Run was created

North South Drains Red Run

North South Drains Red Run

North Drain = 9,600 linear feet of main line pipe ranging in size
from 78-inch to 126-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe

South Drain = 8,100 linear feet of main line pipe ranging
in size from 66-inch to 126-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe.

Why were the North and South pipelines built  ?

– increase capacity and efficiency
– intercept and remove storm water flow to the basin
– additional capacity of the combined sewers in Oakland County

A fact that many people miss is NOT all the stormwater goes into
the Kuhn Retention basin for sediment and chlorine treatment.
The official name for the retention basin is :
The Southeastern Oakland County Sewer District System (SOCSDS)
Twelve Towns Retention / Treatment Facility (RTF)

Forty-two major storm drains were disconnected and reconnected
from 12 different towns to the North and South drains.
These drains have NO treatment for stormwater runoff that dumps
directly into the Red Run
. ANY pollutants on the ground, concrete,
blacktop, pavement, parking lots, industrial facilities, or items
poured into a storm drain; ends up in the Red Run – untreated.

Anyone thinking they own “waterfront property” along the Red Run
aka Clinton River is highly mistaken. It is simply a storm drain.

The Red Run is no longer a natural waterway, far from it.

Red Run excavation construction

Red Run excavation construction

By rerouting storm water directly into the Red Run
the frequency of sewer treatment plant overflows is reduced.

The key word is “reduced” – not complete elimination by any stretch.
Infrastructure planning is tricky business and really really expensive.
Predicting what Mother Nature will do with rain and snowfall is damn tough.

Up to 1/2 of the Clinton River water volume is treated wastewater
from 6 municipal treatment plants. The rest is stormwater runoff from a
highly commercialized and residential population.
No one can truthfully say the entire Clinton River is wonderful…yet.
Increasing the standards, keeping the bar set high, is vital for the water.

I’m amazed that both Oakland and Macomb counties continually find
illegal discharges in high quantities each and every year.
It is important to make fresh clean water a priority in our lives.


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