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Warren waste water

October 17, 2011

The city of Warrens’ Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Macomb County
was designed to handle approximately 36 million gallons a day.
Pontiacs’ system in Oakland County can handle around 26 million gallons a day.
As you notice by the map below, there aren’t any others nearby Warren.
Warren is Michigan’s third largest city with a population of around 134,000.

Most of the time when it’s dry outside; flow is routed to the
Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant in Wayne County.
It was designed to handle up to 930 million gallons a day.
A very heavy rain creates high volumes of combined sewage
in Oakland County
which can and does exceed the
outlet capacity to Detroit, causing excess to flow into the Red Run.

Learn more about water infrastructure history of South East Michigan
In 2001 it was estimated to cost $14 to $26 Billon dollars to maintain
and improve the region’s sewage collection and treatment.
Calculate inflation and interest on capital expenditure borrowing
and the costs grows to $29 to $52 Billion dollars. Your tax dollars !

– click on map for detailed view –

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste Water Treatment Plants

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