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Is Michigan green ($) or blue (water) ?

November 11, 2011

The Clinton River isn’t clean because trout are put into it –
– it has gotten better because people forced the government to clean it up.
People still don’t fill their waterbottles, canteens, and Camelback units from it.
What level of impurities is truly okay, and who watches who; checks and balances ?
Residents can settle for status quo or make noise for continuous improvement.

Why would the state government put fish into semi-clean water ? Revenue $$$$ .
Michigan ranks fourth in the nation for fishing licenses – 1.5 million / year.
The bulk of the population of the state resides in SouthEast Michigan.
An all-species fishing license is required to take and possess trout.
The state charges $ 28 for the privilege and encourages a catch/release policy.

Michigan Fishing Licenses 2011

Michigan Fishing Licenses 2011

Does the state government have your very best health interests in mind….hmmmm ?
If they did, they would clean the waterways more, and spend less on stocking fish.
The catch – stringent water policies involve expensive infrastructure upgrades.

The Clinton River has some “”sections”” that are nice and others that aren’t.
The EPA considers the entire watershed an Area of Concern (AOC).
Waterway sediment gets mixed with stormdrain discharges which flow
out into Lake St. Clair. Satellite/aerial photos show the issue quite clearly.
When people speak of the Clinton River, it does mean the entire river, right ?
The fish DO swim downstream, where the waters mix and exit into the lake.

Michigan’s electric power plants in St. Clair County emit mercury into the air.
Detroit Edison Belle River had emissions of 335 pounds in 2010;
and Detroit Edison St. Clair emitted 236 pounds of mercury in 2010.
The Toxic Release inventory is maintained by the EPA.
A primary means of mercury exposure for residents is eating contaminated fish.

Clinton River EPA concern

Clinton River EPA concern

Into these semi-polluted waterways of the Clinton River
the DNR insists on dumping trout in; despite the warnings.
*In fact the DNR has been releasing trout into the river for 20 years,
and the stocking programs are expensive according to the DNR’s own reports.
2008 – almost 27,000 trout released into the Clinton River
2005 – approximately 25,000 trout stocked in the Clinton River
2004 – about 10,000 trout put into the Clinton River.
( Steelhead are actually rainbow trout )
They migrate down the Clinton River into Lake St. Clair, and then ,
in two or three years, the fish will return to the Clinton River to spawn.
Right back into the Area of Concern (AOC) described by the EPA.

Trout fishing in Clinton River

Trout fishing in Clinton River

Is it all really wonderful and clean with the consumption warnings – one meal of 6 ounces fish – per week for an adult.

Once a week fish: 6 ounces

Once a week fish: 6 ounces

Recreational fishing in Michigan depends on stocked fish.
All fish in inland lakes and streams are property of the State of Michigan;
– see Michigan laws § 324.47301 and § 324.48702.
Michigan has a yearling lake trout production, yes production,
via hatcheries projected to reach 1.2 million in 2012.

It is a production line for profit, and the actual fish is not meant to be eaten.
Many agencies, groups, and studies point to contaminants in the watershed
but somehow it’s all rationalized “”okay”” to plant trout for profit.
Warnings exist to avoid consumption; anglers urged to practice catch/release.

Are we the “”Play with Fish”” state or the Great Lakes state – where people are proud of the massive fresh water resources ?

Got a comment, please post it. Keep it clean and descent please.

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