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Warren seeks Federal Aid for sewers

December 14, 2011

Mayor Fouts requests federal help
December 14, 2011 – By Brian Louwers – C & G Staff Writer

~Excerpts from article~

“We’ve had two once-in-a-lifetime, hundred-year floods within one year,” Fouts said.
“We’re looking for short-term solutions,
getting some temporary pumps in some areas.
Besides that, the long-range plan is to tap into the Macomb-Oakland interceptor.

Fouts said he wrote a letter to U.S. Rep Sander Levin
on Dec. 2, requesting federal aid.
He specifically asked for Levin’s help in securing financial assistance
as Warren attempts to upgrade its “50-year-old antiquated infrastructure that
cannot handle large volumes of water in a short time.”

Fouts called on Levin to initiate legislation to afford special appropriations
to older communities, including Warren, “whose sewer capacity
is inadequate for situations like this.”

Late last week, Levin issued a statement as it relates to potential cuts
to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.
“I spoke this week with Mayor Fouts and he conveyed a number of personal stories
of homes hit hard by the recent flooding,” Levin said. “The problems experienced
in Warren highlight why it is so wrongheaded to significantly cut back —
as proposed by Congressional Republicans
the Clean Water State Revolving Fund,
which provides the major source of federal funds for sewer repair projects.

When he delivered his proposed water budget last month, Fouts detailed proposed
expenditures of $500,000 for contractual sewer cleaning projects.
Warren Council President Scott Stevens said jetting sewers can help keep
water out of basements during the heaviest rains.
“This has been the third-wettest year since (weather) history has been recorded,”


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