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Fish in Red Run have slim chance

January 9, 2012

I can’t find data of fish in the Red Run, even as it merges
into the Clinton River eventually, and flows into Lake St. Clair.

The Kuhn Retention Basin completed in 2006 between I-75 and John R
slightly north of 12 Mile Road in Madison Heights holds storm water
amounts of approximately 124 million gallons; and then lets it all go
during heavy rainfall events into the Red Run drain.

Kuhn Retention Facility Location

Kuhn Retention Facility Location

Any fish existing in the Red Run; gets violently swept downstream;
repeatedly during the year; from the stormwater releases at Kuhn.
I doubt fish swim “upstream” against current into the Red Run.

There are waterfowl in and around the Red Run quite often.
I have yet to see any bird take a fish into its beak and eat it.
The Red Run is a storm drain and no longer a natural river.

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Red Run into Clinton River

Red Run into Clinton River

Red Run Clinton River Impairment 2005

Red Run Clinton River Impairment 2005

One Comment
  1. Mike Walendzik permalink

    I want to thank you for your web site. I grew up in Sterling Heights, still reside here and know about
    the Red Run Drain. The area east of the Red Run Drain between 16 and 15 mile roads was a dump
    used by a number of cities just behind what is now Bishop Ghalager playing sports fields. I was surprised to see the Army core of Engineers bull dozing this area because it was designated as a
    Federal protected wet land(red flags marked the area). They did a nice job cleaning it up and
    installing vent pipes. I have seen abundant wild life in this area including, hawks, owls, falcons,
    deer, racooons, snapping turtles, and possums, while walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.
    She has a knack for finding them. We have also encountered cyotte. The cyotee tried stalikng us but would run off when confronted yelping for what I believe was back up. I have seen numerous fish in the drain as evidenced by the herons on the banks and in the shallows feeding. As recent as December 2011 saw a dogfish(bowfin) come up for air to fill it sacks right by the metropakway bridge where the homeless make residence. An indication that in that area oxygen may not be that
    available. I now the DNR at one time stocked the mouth of the drain as it runs into the Clinton River by the Utica Road bridge and at one time chased the people out from fishing there in the spring. My kids also fished Plum Creek and caught pike and bluegills. This runs into the Red Run which then runs into the river. North of sixteen mile road I have seen large holes along the west side of the Red Run which look to be fish nests used in the spring, and I have seen people fishing on the eastern bank by Millar Cemetary spring 2011. Again thank you for your web site. I enjoy it.

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