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What constitutes clean water ?

April 17, 2012

What constitutes good water you inquire ?

Water bodies without un-natural physical properties.
(as defined by Rule 323.1050 of the Michigan WQS)
These 8 properties impair aesthetic values :

• Turbidity
• Color
• Oil films
• Floating solids
• Foams
• Settleable solids
• Suspended solids
• Deposits

Parts of the Clinton River watershed are highly urbanized
and simply won’t ever equal the habitat quality that
exists in rural and less developed areas.

Continued monitoring and analysis of watersheds needs
increased funding to insure the future of clean water for us.
Do you take clean water from your tap for granted….?
Chances are your water bill rates will be increasing soon.
The forgotten; out of sight, out of mind becomes Out of Pocket.

Only when people start to really understand the waters
of the entire Clinton River system directly affect
our drinking water; will real money be put aside to fix issues.
It flows and drains into Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River
– which is where we suck it up to pump into our houses.
We also share these waterways with Canada, our neighbors.

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