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Red Run: an underground view

May 3, 2012

Most people have forgotten why a Golf Course and Soccer Field exist
in Madison Heights near John R in Oakland County. It was the result
of the Kuhn Retention Basin project.

For an in-depth, highly detailed view, (31 pages worth)
of what is underground :

Page 19 onwards shows the underground massive concrete holding basins drawings

UN-fortunately Oakland County officials killed that
highly informative link above for 2013 .

Other LINKS still exist showing the massive underground construction process,%20Detroit%20Michigan.pdf

It ALL starts with the Weir at NUMBER 1 over by
Stephenson Highway and 12 Mile

Treatment Facility (1 story brick building)
29132 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI

Stormwater also flows into the Red Run via the North and South Drains
Forty-two major storm drains were disconnected and reconnected
from 12 different towns to the North and South drains.
The official name for the retention basin is :
The Southeastern Oakland County Sewer District System (SOCSDS)
Twelve Towns Retention / Treatment Facility (RTF)

~~~~~CLICK on pics below for Full Size Images ~~~~~~~~~

Oakland Macomb Red Run

Oakland Macomb Red Run

Red Run Warren Michigan Map

Red Run Warren Michigan Map


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