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Warren Waste Water Plant and Red Run volumes

May 6, 2012

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
2003 – Evaluation of Other WWTPs in DWSD Planning Area

The report clearly states:
“The City of Warren has separate sanitary and storm sewer systems.”
BUT – under the heading Wet Weather Flow Management
“City of Warren also experiences considerable infiltration and inflow
into the sanitary sewers
, which could increase the normal daily flow
of about 30 mgd to over 150 mgd. ” That’s 5 times the regular amount !

The annual average daily influent flow is approximately 23.2 mgd
the abbreviation mgd = (million gallons per day)
and the annual maximum daily inflow is 36.2 mgd.
The plant has a raw sewage pumping capacity of about 200 mgd,
a design average flow capacity of 36 mgd
and a maximum sustained flow capacity of 60 mgd.

Flows greater than 60 mgd (due to infiltration and inflow during storm events)
are diverted to a 50-MG retention (flow equalization) basin.
When the basin overflows, it gets chlorinated and discharged to the Red Run Drain.

Don’t confuse the Warren retention basin with the Kuhn retention basin
in Madison Heights aka Oakland County – they are literally miles apart.

HOW does storm water get into a sanitary drain IF the systems are Separate ?
“The City of Warren has separate sanitary and storm sewer systems.”
YET – somehow the normal daily flow “could” increase from 30 mgd to over 150 mgd. ”

I’ll admit – I’m confused by this report.
Warren residents have experienced flooding in their basements
numerous times over the years.
Residents basically have to “eat it” and take the losses,
buy flood insurance, suffer expenses.
From what I’ve read and understand it seems like
storm water and sanitary water
actually DO somehow infiltrate one another
on their way to the Waste Water treatment Plant.

Could this account for back-ups, blockages, restricted flow from
Warren neighborhoods resulting in flooded basements for residents ?

Some residents are in the midst of a Class Action Law Suit
to recover financial damages. Since I’m not a part of it,
I have no access to their research, but I am damn curious now.
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Warren and Detroit water sewage

Warren and Detroit water sewage

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