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Geology of Warren and it’s water table

May 10, 2012

Water seeps into the ground until it reaches a layer of resistance, the water table.
Terms like permeability and porosity are used to describe soil conditions.
Materials like clay/shale severely restrict the flow of water, creating a barrier.

Residents of Warren are at a disadvantage based on what is underneath their homes.

Macomb County Geology

Macomb County Geology

Compiled by Prof. Wesley Edward Arnold
The History of Warren, Michigan

“There were several periods of glaciation.
When the glaciers melted, deposits of glacial drift
settled to the bottom of the lake which was formed.
The ground we are now resting on top of is the remains
of the ground down Killarney Mountains.
These mountains that used to be in the upper peninsula
which were themselves formed from the Penokean Mountains
– are now the dense clay that is under the topsoil
and sand layers of Warren’s gardens.”

It has been reported that one of the main industries in the early days
of Warren, – other than farming – was the making of bricks.
The Hartzig (also spelled Hartsig) family came to Warren in 1843
and made bricks along with red clay drain tile.
Another brick factory called the Aliance Brick Company existed on 14 Mile
in addition to the Trombly Brick Company in the area.

During heavy rains Warren has issues getting all that water to drain.


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