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Ryan Road Construction Start August 13

August 10, 2012

Orange barrels along Ryan appeared today mid morning 8-15-2012 so its starting

On the Warren City Council Agenda for August 14, 2012
-Consideration and adoption of a resolution authorizing the Warren Mayor and Clerk
-to execute a License and Temporary Easement Agreement with the
Red Run Inter-County Drainage District for the Ryan Road Bridge
-over the Red Run Drain Rehabilitation Project.

Got notice today – RYAN ROAD may be only 1 LANE north/south by
August 13, 2012 – over the Red Run Bridge by Chicago Road.

A blue Construction Notice was taped to my door in
Large ALL Capitalized Bold Print on Friday August 8th, 2012

“””Please be aware that traffic will be reduced to ONE LANE
in each direction for the duration of the project August 13 – November “””

Plan for Traffic Gridlock
I’m sure Dequindre and Mound will be seeing traffic increases as well.

Now this is contrary to what I’ve been told up till now
My initial understanding was 2 LANES in BOTH directions were to be
open during construction upon the Ryan Road – Red Run – Bridge
– in north western Warren above Chicago Road, under 14 Mile Road.

No mention of lane restrictions at Warren Council meeting
which I attended and spoke towards this very construction issue
(Warren City Council Meeting- Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.)

Conversations I had with Steve Funck and Jesse Kyle of
Diponio Contracting, Inc. on August 2, 2012 claimed
“”It will not cause a lot of heartburn as almost
all of the time,we will maintain 2 lanes in each direction.””

That’s exactly what I saw in the bid packages as well:

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