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Drinking from the Red Run Drain

September 8, 2012

The Clinton River is not wonderfully clean.
The river has a large, constant source of pollution, from stormwater.
Stormwater is raw runoff from driveways, lawns, streets, parking lots, etc.
You wouldn’t drink that water, sliding off the streets into the drains,
or put it directly into your aquarium fish tank, or fill a pool with it to swim.
It carries oils , sediment, fertilizers, insecticides and other contaminants
picked up from hard surfaces; and flows into the Clinton River when it rains.

Nearly – 5 Million – people live in SouthEastern Michigan.
That’s a lot of driveways, lawns, industrial sites, golf courses, mall parking lots;
and ALL that rainwater runoff finds its way into the local drains.

– We do drink the water from the Red Run Drain – and all the other
storm drains from neighboring communities like Oakland County.
What flows in the Red Run Drain , into the Clinton River, slides along
the shoreline of Lake St. Clair, back into the Water Intakes at Belle Isle.
Your drinking water probably comes from the Belle Isle intake pipes.

NOAA, the national oceanic atmospheric administration has taken an
interest in the Clinton River as it dumps into the Lake St. Clair
at the Harley Ensign Marina. NOAA is tracking the river currents.

______ CLICK mouse on pictures below ________

Red Run drinking water connection

Red Run drinking water connection

Belle Isle intake

Belle Isle intake

Surface currents Lake St. Clair

Surface currents Lake St. Clair

Belle Isle Water Intake

Belle Isle Water Intake

Red Run EPA concern

Red Run EPA concern

All the people living on the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair
do exactly the same thing we do with stormwater runoff.
The USA and Canada finally (after 25 years) renewed/updated
a bi-national pact that takes a more “prevention-oriented” approach.

The next time you see someone pouring. rinsing, dumping, anything
into the street drain – multiply by it 10 million people –
5 million from USA and another 5 million from Canada.
That’s where your daily drinking water comes from.

IF you think the Clinton River is so very clean
why don’t folks swim in the river next to the Mt Clemens YMCA ?

I’ll leave you with that thought when you read the cheerleading hysteria
and media blitz about the Clinton River being sooo wonderful.
Only a small section is okay, the rest needs a lot of work.


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