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Warren alone in sewage

September 20, 2012

Warren has always been in a unique situation
regarding waste water, it has a plant of its own.
BUT over the years the underground pipes suffer
immensely from “inflow and infiltration“.

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SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

Warren is in Macomb County and as one of Michigan’s
largest and oldest of the populated metropolitan cities,
suffers from infrastructure issues deep underground.

How does Warren negotiate rates for inbound clean water
and outbound sewage water from residents homes ?
Pretty tough to tell with Oakland Macomb mismash of systems
and the Detroit Water and Sewage Department history.

Hopefully, hooking up to the Oakland Macomb Sewage
Interceptor will alleviate some of the stress on Warren’s
waste water treatment systems.

Macomb Oakland Sewage Interceptor

Macomb Oakland Sewage Interceptor

According to a Technical Memorandum
Original Date: September 2001
Revision Date: September 2003
Author: Tetra Tech MPS

“”The City of Warren experiences considerable
infiltration and inflow into the sanitary sewers,
which could increase the normal daily flow
of about 30 mgd to over 150 mgd.””

A 5 fold increase in mgd (millions of gallons per day)
– and that was written in reports back in 2003.
The wet weather events of recent years has overwhelmed
the infrastructure set in place over a decade ago.

Warren’s wastewater treatment plant was set up for a
population of 145,000 residents over 34 square miles.
It had a design capacity of 36 million gallons a day
and seperate Wet Weather Flow Management;
i.e. stormwater was not combined with sewage.

The catch – Warren is landlocked – no direct lake access.
Any final disinfected and dechlorinated sewage effluent
is discharged into the Red Run Drain.

From the September 2003 document

Wastewater Flow Rates
“””The annual average daily influent flow is approximately 23.2 mgd
and the annual maximum daily inflow is 36.2 mgd.
The plant has a raw sewage pumping capacity of about 200 mgd,
a design average flow capacity of 36 mgd and a maximum sustained
flow capacity of 60 mgd. Millions Gallons per Day = mgd
***Flows greater than 60 mgd***
(due to infiltration and inflow during storm events)
are diverted to a 50 million gallon retention (flow equalization) basin,
where they are stored until capacity becomes available.
On a few occasions, the basin overflows into the Red Run Drain.
The plant has been plagued by an increasing series of
equipment breakdowns and operational failures.””

Over the years improvements have been made to the
waste water treatment plant equipment – but –
the underground pipes still suffer “inflow and infiltration“.


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