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Surcharge in Warren’s drains

December 1, 2012

Warren’s drain collection system could experience
– “surcharge conditions” – that result in basement flooding.

The original etymology comes from French language:
surcharger: with sur = “over” + chargier = “to load”

Understanding where words come from, what they truly mean,
is crucial to the English language used in government documents.

Surcharge: means to overload the sewer system, literally.
(more water than the system can convey per unit of time)
Result: Water level in the system raises;
causing water to flow backwards from normal flow
and causing flooding in areas that are at a lower elevation.
Water flows backwards in a sewer lateral,
continues to rise, comes out of the basement floor drain
and begins to flood the basement.

CLICK a few times to see full size readable image

Horizontal piping

Horizontal Piping

CLICK a few times to see full size readable image
Warren is relatively flat (around 600 feet above sea level)
Look at the numbers in yellow to see the elevation profiles.
Drain pipes are slightly sloped in order for the water to move.

Elevation North Warren

Topography of Northern Warren

You’ll find no mention of “– backups –” in documents from the
sewage departments since they cover it up with word games.
Connotation and perception play a key role in communications.
Local Officials admit basements flood due to – surcharges -.

How does this happen for the Separated Sewer System
in Warren – one for sanitary rain water, one for dirty sewer ?
Capacity problems due to infiltration of the sanitary sewer system.
Per present day design standards; a sanitary sewer system
should have NO increase in sewer flow during a rain storm.
Warren suffers massive leaks from ground water entering
the sanitary sewer system due to leaks from cracked pipes,
leaking joints, manholes, cross connections, sump pumps
connected to the sanitary system, etc., etc.

It will be a while before Warren is 100% hooked up to the
Macomb-Oakland Interceptor drainage project in Metro Detroit.
Let’s see what winter brings in terms of snowfall.


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