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Red Run inter-county Trail Corridor

January 19, 2013
Macomb County Trailways Master Plan

Macomb County Trailways Master Plan

Regional Corridors
Two regional routes bisect within the City of Warren,
– an east-west route along the Red Run Drain
connecting the Warren Community Center and Library
into Madison Heights and Freedom Hill County Park,
– a north-south route, primarily within the
ITC corridor and connecting into the planned
Conner Creek Greenway and Detroit River.

The Red Run Drain is some of the only contiguous open space
remaining within the City of Warren (the 3rd largest city in Michigan)
which is home to around 134,000 people.

MDOT is part of the Red Run Inter-County Drain Board
– as are numerous cities in Oakland County .

Joseph Vicari & Hank Riberas are new members of Warren DDA 2013.
Both are part of Hillside Productions, which promotes entertainment
events at Freedom Hill County Park in Sterling Heights.

The Red Run Drain even got a new Water Commissioner for 2013.

Maybe we’ll see some new Bike Paths in the near future ?

Oakland County Parks on Dequindre Road were created “because” of the
12 Towns Retention Basin aka Kuhn Facility which releases storm water
into Warren via the Red Run & Clinton River out to Lake St. Clair.

Now some in the community will play a “game” of NIMBY;
aka “not in my back yard” but it is utter foolishness.
The Red Run navigable waterway is well over 200 years old.
Many courts will say “water trail” law precedes the law of the dirt,
– since it came first and foremost in our developing country.

The NIMBY thing boils down to lazy convenience for many
living along the Red Run Drain the past 100 years.
– easy access to dump what you want, when you want.
– don’t have to bag your grass clippings.
– don’t have to bag leaves, branches, etc.

Nobody is planting gardens extending to the middle of the Red Run
or even along it’s banks as the county maintains a right-of-way
for emergency access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
One year, county officials actually plowed snow along the Red Run,
so that a contractor’s vehicles could drive along the banks.
True story – I called, wondering why my snowshoe tracks were plowed away.
I was trying to avoid the cross country ski tracks, out of respect.
People ALREADY walk along it daily, giving their dogs “bathroom exercise”.

Let’s address the irrational fear of property trespass
for a bicyclist merely wants to cycle along the path,
on their way to another destination.

We already let public corporation people on our property.
– postal personnel
– utility meter readers
– newspaper delivery people
– girl scouts/ boy scouts

What makes a backyard different from a front yard ?
– the fence ?
– the berm ?
– the shrubs ?

Some neighborhoods have no fences delineating the property line.
We all know the Sidewalk is city property, we don’t own that.
We usually have a Front Lawn next to a drive, avenue, boulevard, etc.
often with a City planted tree and yet mow the grass anyways.
People walk in front of houses, on that City Sidewalk, everyday.
Theft: people can steal from you now, so that argument falls apart.

Easement, versus County Access , versus actual Trespass rules.
People irrationally feel the need to be selfish; instead of
helping the community create something for the better good of all.

Warren could use something that DRAWS people into the city

While the log floatation test was the old yardstick
by which many “navigability” claims were measured;
-it is “how” modern waterways best serve the public
(as historical intent of law)
that allows recreational usage to be considered
in the determination of navigability.

The capacity for beneficial public service is
paramount towards being deemed navigable.
Courts long ago adopted a rule of
“capacity for use to meet public necessity”
as the true test.

Waterways are public paths, expected to be open to travel use.
This public expectation is still valid today in a modern society.

  1. Waterways are public paths, expected to be open to travel use.
    This public expectation is still valid today in a modern society.

    Very telling that the waterfront trail bypasses the “Pointes” (and only the Pointes). Also telling that your Woodward corridor stops abruptly at 8 Mile. Still, I fervently hope this plan is for an actual thing that will actually be implemented. This could open the door to, if not a car-free lifestyle, at least a non-car commute for me.

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