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Red Run lease payments

February 26, 2013

George W. Kuhn Drain District (GWKDD)
– Host Community Services –

The GWKDD was established for stormwater retention facilities
located in the Red Run Drain right-of-way in Madison Heights
originally resulting in the closure of the golf course.

-Oakland County Parks invested $ 3 million to restore and upgrade
the Red Run Golf Course following the completion of Kuhn project.

-Southeastern Oakland County Sewage Disposal Authority
is also referred to as the Twelve Towns Drain District
or Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority SOCRRA

-SOCRRA sold the GWKDD property used in the Red Run Drain
for a total of $375,000. In addition, the GWKDD agreed to enter
into a host community agreement with the City of Madison Heights
to provide $10,000 a year in lieu of property tax payment to
compensate the city for delivery of city services to this property.
The payment is indexed for inflation and as of 2012
stands at approximately $12,000 per year.

– Originally (from 1976 through 2000) SOCRRA leased 15 acres
to the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission
for an annual sum of $7,000 on Red Run Golf Course.

What does Warren get out of the deal by allowing Oakland County
storm water
to flow thru it via the Red Run Drain into the Clinton River ?

Will the City of Warren eventually get a Bike Trail connecting
Greater Metro Detroit, Michigan as a unified metropolis ?

Oakland County needs the Red Run waterway
and Warren needs to be inter-connected as well.

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