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2013 Precipitation forecast ?

March 10, 2013

Weather forecasters generally agree 2012 was very, very dry in Michigan.
Some would say drought like conditions existed most of the year.

2011 was a wake-up call to many involved with stormwater in Michigan

According to NOAA, the annual precipitation total for all of Michigan
in 2011 was 36.45 inches. The 2011 year had some very large rainstorms.

Overall SSO Events SE Michigan

Overall SSO Events SE Michigan

SSO’s are releases of raw sewage from
separate sanitary sewer collection systems, which are
designed to carry sanitary sewage – but not storm water.

SSO’s are illegal – and usually constitute a serious environmental and
public health threat. Sewage discharges into basements may also occur,
but these events are not required to be reported to the DEQ
for entry into reports under Section 324.3112(a) of the NREPA.

Chronic SSO’s can also occur when sanitary systems are too small
to contain all the sanitary wastewater that is in the sewer system.
SSOs can result from system deterioration due to the age
of the sewer system and resulting excessive rain water inputs to the system.

One reason is because when ground conditions have dry or normal
soil moisture, much of the rainwater during the early stages of
the storm soaks into the ground.
Once the ground is saturated, a much higher percentage of rainwater
is likely to find its way into leaky sewer systems.

Such phenomena have resulted in marked increases in wet weather
discharges in 2011, compared to previous years.

The DEQ continues to review SSO events to determine where
corrective actions are needed to ensure that sewer systems
are able to handle a 25-year/24-hour storm event without having
SSOs, in accordance with the DEQ SSO Policy Statement.

The results of 2011 are very troubling, given more than a decade
of intensive effort to control SSOs in Michigan.
This further demonstrates the need for continued efforts to
control raw sewage discharges in the state.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO)
and Retention Treatment Basin (RTB) Discharge
2011 Annual Report

City of Warren Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges
– Blended Effluent – when it can’t keep up .
The wastewater receives primary treatment and disinfection but a
portion of the wastewater will not receive secondary treatment.
This water goes into the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair.

~ click to enlarge picture ~

Warren Discharge Blended Effluent Red Run

Warren Discharge Blended Effluent Red Run

Let’s hope the infrastructure holds up until the $$$$ MONEY gets
released to fix Warren’s crumbling drainage issue

3 Month Precipitation Outlook

3 Month Precipitation Outlook 2013

A = Above normal – Precipitation Outlook for Michigan

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