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MDEQ & EPA protect ?

March 24, 2013

When contaminated groundwater leeches into underground aquifers,
consent agreements take place regarding the clean-up.
The consent judgments, on occasion, get amended a few times,
and sometimes the court issues other additional cleanup-related orders.

These agreements often take place in courts
– with little or no opportunity for public input.

MDEQ has to accept “”remediation plans””  that comply with state law.

The Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) of Michigan
has a little paragraph (Part 201, Section 2a) that basically claims
— MDEQ is required to approve changes to legal agreements —

Sometimes a proposal lacks adequate monitoring planning
and/or contingency planning to deal with the spreading contamination
and there could be uncertainty about migration pathways.

Sound familiar – it should – The G & H Landfill on the Clinton River

Reading between the lines, When cleanup efforts get too expensive
the rules get changed by court order to help industry survive.

It all gets real interesting when “standards” get changed.
Michigan recently modified the Dioxane Standard.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) changed
Michigans current standard for Dioxane in Drinking Water.
– New standard is 85 parts per billion (ppb)
of 1,4 dioxane in drinking water
while in the 1980s, the acceptable level in Michigan was just
3 parts per billion (ppb).

Strict cleanup requirements get loosened to “aid” the
financial burden on industry by putting Michigan’s residents
health concerns on the back burner.
Items involving the financial assurance from a company
to carry out “a cleanup to completion” seem to outweigh the
general protection of public health, safety, welfare and the environment.

If a  “prohibition zone” is enacted, that area could have even higher levels of Dioxane.
Levels of 2,799 ppb of 1,4 dioxane exist near Ann Arbor, closing wells.
People in the zone can’t use their wells, are required to hook up to the
city water and sewer system – almost all at their own personal expense.

Still think the government is protecting you and working for your best interest ?

Additional info can be found here:
Ann Arbor area and the Huron River

Video of the public meetings exists as well

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