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Stormwater Southeast Michigan

April 14, 2013

Noticed a lot of searches for “”storm drains“” the past few days.
They exist everywhere around us via ditches on the sides of roads,
metal grates on the subdivision streets, municipal streets, highways, etc.
A storm drain deals with rain water – a sewer drain deals with toilet water.

The City of Warren,Michigan has confused the public by using the term
—– Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems —–
It really should differentiate the 2 unique and individual systems.
a.) Storm Water Drains
b.) Sewage Water Drains

Educate your kids and yourself:
– no one is sweeping sewage off the streets into sewer grates
It’s called a Storm Drain , for rain falling from the sky !

Got Questions – Call the Warren DEQ Office

DEQ Remediation and Redevelopment Division,
27700 Donald Court, Warren, MI 48092-2793
It is right off of Tank Road aka Martin Road ,
north of 11 Mile & VanDyke, in Warren,MI

~~~~~~click to enlarge the picture ~~~~~~~~

Southeast Michigan Stormwater

Southeast Michigan Stormwater

James Van Havermaat, P.E.
City Engineer
Engineering Division
One City Square, Suite 300
Warren, Michigan 48093-2390
Phone: (586) 759-9300

If you see illegal dumping into a street storm drain, a ditch or a creek
Call Public Works Commissioner Anothony V. Marrocco’s HOTLINE
at 1-877-679-4337 and report the activity.

Warren has a Public Education Program (PEP)
– Education and Outreach on Storm Water Impacts

The PEP shall promote, publicize, and facilitate watershed
education for the purpose of encouraging the public to
reduce or prevent the discharge of pollutants in storm water
to the maximum extent practicable.
Since combining or coordinating existing PEPs for public stewardship
of water resources is encouraged by the Department,
the City of Warren has contracted with the Clinton River Watershed
Council to provide public education services.

In addition, the City recognizes and utilizes the educational
resources offered by the Department of Natural Resources and
Environment, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments,
the Macomb County Public Works Office, the Macomb County Health
Department, and the Michigan State University Extension.

These are the storm water drains in the local area of Warren :

Traditional Flat Paper Map

Traditional Flat Paper Map

Red Run Drain Map Clinton River

Red Run Drain Map Clinton River

Multiple Drains Warren Michigan

Multiple Drains Warren Michigan


Baseline —–Warren,Michigan
Bear Creek —–Warren,Michigan
Bear Creek Enclosure —–Warren,Michigan
Bear Creek Twelve Mile Enclosure —–Warren,Michigan
Bear Creek Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Bear Creek Warren Branches #2 —–Warren,Michigan
Beaver Creek Drain & Branches (Inter County) —–Warren,Michigan
Bolam —–Warren,Michigan
Brieholz —–Warren,Michigan
Brinker —–Warren,Michigan
Brinkman —–Warren,Michigan
Buckland —–Warren,Michigan
Burg —–Warren,Michigan
Burnett —–Warren,Michigan
Cadillac Ave E. —–Warren,Michigan
Cadillac Ave W. —–Warren,Michigan
Caplean —–Warren,Michigan
Center Line Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Center Line Relief & Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Center Line Tile —–Warren,Michigan
Chambers Ave Lat. —–Warren,Michigan
Chartier —–Warren,Michigan
Clinton River —–Warren,Michigan
Clinton River Basin —–Warren,Michigan
Clinton River Spillway —–Warren,Michigan
Conner Creek —–Warren,Michigan
Continental Avenue E Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Continental Avenue W Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Coolidge Ave. Lat. —–Warren,Michigan
Cramer —–Warren,Michigan
Cramer Relief & Brs. —–Warren,Michigan
Deierline —–Warren,Michigan
Denewith —–Warren,Michigan
Doage Ave E. Lat. —–Warren,Michigan
East Branch —–Warren,Michigan
Edman —–Warren,Michigan
Edman Enclosure —–Warren,Michigan
Eight Mile Van Dyke —–Warren,Michigan
Elwart —–Warren,Michigan
Englebert —–Warren,Michigan
Engleman —–Warren,Michigan
Essex Ave —–Warren,Michigan
Fink —–Warren,Michigan
Flora Avenue W Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Fogg —–Warren,Michigan
Fogg Enclosure —–Warren,Michigan
Fora Ave E. —–Warren,Michigan
Foster —–Warren,Michigan
Grand Trunk —–Warren,Michigan
Grobbel —–Warren,Michigan
Grobbel Relief & Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Grobbel Relief & Branches No 2 —–Warren,Michigan
Groesbeck —–Warren,Michigan
Harrington Extension East —–Warren,Michigan
Harrington Extension West —–Warren,Michigan
Hartlein Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Hartman —–Warren,Michigan
Hartsig —–Warren,Michigan
Hartsig Relief & Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Helen Ave. —–Warren,Michigan
Henry Ave W. —–Warren,Michigan
Hessell —–Warren,Michigan
Hudson Ave. E. —–Warren,Michigan
Hupp Ave. W. —–Warren,Michigan
Irving Road —–Warren,Michigan
Jenerous Ave —–Warren,Michigan
Jewett Ave. —–Warren,Michigan
Kuss —–Warren,Michigan
Kutchey Inter County Drain —–Warren,Michigan
Kutchey Thomas Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Kutchey Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Leland —–Warren,Michigan
Lorna —–Warren,Michigan
Lorraine Storm —–Warren,Michigan
Lorraine Storm #1 —–Warren,Michigan
Lorraine Storm #2 —–Warren,Michigan
Maes —–Warren,Michigan
Marion Ave —–Warren,Michigan
Masch —–Warren,Michigan
Maulberg —–Warren,Michigan
Maxwell —–Warren,Michigan
McCoy —–Warren,Michigan
McCoy Relief —–Warren,Michigan
McCoy Relief Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Meckler Relief & Branches —–Warren,Michigan
McCoy Relief Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Meckler Tiling —–Warren,Michigan
MecklerMierow —–Warren,Michigan
Mierow —–Warren,Michigan
Miller —–Warren,Michigan
Mound Park —–Warren,Michigan
Murthum Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Nagle Arm —–Warren,Michigan
Nine Mile Halfway —–Warren,Michigan
North Lorraine Arm —–Warren,Michigan
North VanDyke Arm —–Warren,Michigan
Northampton Pump Station —–Warren,Michigan
O’ Meara —–Warren,Michigan
Oehmke —–Warren,Michigan
Otto —–Warren,Michigan
Paige Ave E. —–Warren,Michigan
Paige Ave W. —–Warren,Michigan
Rausch —–Warren,Michigan
Red Run —–Warren,Michigan
Red Run Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Red Run Warren Branches #2 —–Warren,Michigan
Red Run Warren Outlet —–Warren,Michigan
Renge —–Warren,Michigan
Republic Avenue East Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Rinke —–Warren,Michigan
Rinke Englebert —–Warren,Michigan
Ruhl —–Warren,Michigan
Rumpa —–Warren,Michigan
Rumpa Enclosure —–Warren,Michigan
Rumpakuss —–Warren,Michigan
Ryan —–Warren,Michigan
Schattler —–Warren,Michigan
Schoenherr Flanders —–Warren,Michigan
Schoenherr Fourteen Mile —–Warren,Michigan
Schoenherr Relief & Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Schoenherr Relief & Branches #1 —–Warren,Michigan
Schroeder —–Warren,Michigan
SchroederOtto —–Warren,Michigan
SchroederSzaboOtto —–Warren,Michigan
Sharkey —–Warren,Michigan
Sharkey Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Sharkey Relief/Ryan —–Warren,Michigan
Sharkey Warren Branches —–Warren,Michigan
Sherwood —–Warren,Michigan
Smith —–Warren,Michigan
Smith Rivard Branches —–Warren,Michigan
South Van Dyke Arm —–Warren,Michigan
Spence —–Warren,Michigan
Spieler Ave E. —–Warren,Michigan
Spiller —–Warren,Michigan
Sprenger —–Warren,Michigan
St Clements —–Warren,Michigan
Standard Ave. E. Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Standard Ave. W. Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
State Park E. Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Stebbins & Base Line —–Warren,Michigan
Stevens Baseline —–Warren,Michigan
Streifkirk Tile —–Warren,Michigan
Studebaker —–Warren,Michigan
Superior Ave. —–Warren,Michigan
Szabo —–Warren,Michigan
Ten Mile East Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Timken Avenue East Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
Toll —–Warren,Michigan
Walker Relief —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #2 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #3 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #4 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #5 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #6 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #7 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Catch Basin Repair #8 —–Warren,Michigan
Warren Sanitary —–Warren,Michigan
Weigand —–Warren,Michigan
Wiegand Park Lateral —–Warren,Michigan
West Branch —–Warren,Michigan
Westphal —–Warren,Michigan
Wiegand —–Warren,Michigan
Williams —–Warren,Michigan
Wood Avenue & Branch —–Warren,Michigan

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