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Bidding results Interceptor project

April 25, 2013

The Oakland Macomb Interceptor Drain Drainage District (OMID)
completed the bidding process for Segment 3 Repair, Contract No. 4.

There is a $ 22.4 MILLION DOLLAR discrepancy
between the high bid and the low bid on this project.

Why ?

If the project section is only worth $ 40 million how can someone
be off by 50% of the value of the project, unless they
simply don’t want it to begin with, or feel a bit greedy ?

Jay Dee Contractors from Livonia,MI was the low bidder:

Jay Dee Contractors—————$ 46.4 million
Michels Tunneling——————-$ 55.9 million
S. J. Louis Construction———–$ 60.8 million
Ric-Man Construction————–$ 64.2 million
SECAC Tunnel———————-$ 65.6 million
Kenny Construction—————-$ 67.2 million
Walsh Construction—————-$ 68.8 million

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