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The last 100 years Red Run Drain

May 6, 2013

The Red Run hasn’t been a “natural waterway” in over 100 years.
It is definitely part of the Clinton River flow into Lake St. Clair.

Oakland County cities (aka the 12 Towns) have relied on the
storm water drainage of the Red Run for over a century.

All the rain falling from the sky has to go somewhere.
Cities and constant flooding don’t mix well, so the problem
was pushed – into Warren – at a lower elevation.

As the climate changes and the cities continue to cover ever piece
of grass with blacktop, concrete, and buildings with roofs, the
storm water just overwhelms the capacity of the drain system.

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Red Run The last 100 years

Red Run The last 100 years

Red Run Corners Map

Red Run Corners Map

Good luck ever actual seeing maps of what exists underground

Maps of the districts are found in two reports,
the Segmented Facilities Plan-Book VII (1978) and
the Overview Plan of Wastewater Collection and Treatment
for the Detroit Metro System (1975) (37, 38).
Additional information exists from
Volume 1 Technical Report, Initial Improvements Projects,
Draft NPDES Settlement Permit,
Southeastern Oakland County Sewage Disposal System for George W. Kuhn,
and Retention Treatment Facility Improvements – Oakland County,
Michigan Basis of Design Report (April 2001).

  1. Michael Walendzik permalink

    I saw the oil in the drain at the Metroparkway bridge. Their was quite alot of it and I was suprised it was being aloud to flow into the river. I heard the Sterling Heights Fire Department tried to capture it at the Fiteen Mile bridge but what I saw quite a bit had got by them. Hope they catch who did this. The Redun is full of wild life right now geese and duck hatchlings
    which I am sure will be affected.

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