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Red Run 54 miles of open channel

May 23, 2013

Major cities in Michigan like Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy
have over 50 miles of OPEN storm-water channels funneling
into the Clinton River which drains into Lake St. Clair.

The Red Run Watershed encompasses 130 square miles
in Oakland and Macomb Counties involving 250,000+ residents.


Many of these storm-water channels have fencing around them,
which kids merely cut, dis-assemble or climb over anyway,
rendering it basically ineffective.
The channels often have berms, embankments, hills, etc. in an
attempt to hide them from view, but locals know exactly where they are.

The channels, banks, and fencing is often strewn with
wind swept litter and people still continue to dump garbage.
There is a saying “”When it looks like a dump, it acts like a dump””

This is the Clinton River, in SouthEast Michigan, most have forgotten about.
These waterway channels allow rain water to escape from these cities.
No longer natural creeks or streams,
they serve only ONE purpose, flood control !
It costs a lot of money to reclaim this land for actual park usage
by submerging the channels with drain pipes and putting dirt on top.

Back in 2006, a plan was written to address concerns, issues, etc.
surrounding the Red Run Watershed and it’s inherent problems.
As we approach the summer of 2013 there is much to still be done.
The Clinton River involves the Red Run and the Kuhn Retention Basin.
Notice the area marked GWK CSO area = combined sewer overflow
The George W. Kuhn Retention Basin is the SOCSDS
South-eastern Oakland County Sewage Disposal System

~~~~CLICK with mouse to enlarge image below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ALL these cities dump rain water into the Clinton River – via the Red Run.

Red Run Watershed Michigan

Red Run Watershed Michigan

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