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Detroit Radio Team and Sewage

June 6, 2013

There is an $8 Million dollar contract for radio network upgrades
involved with data acquisition used to determine
billing for 126 Metro-Detroit communities.

Detroit Radio Team is a Joint Venture between
Motor City Electric and PCI (Process Control & Instrumentation).
CDM Michigan is also reportedly part of this Joint venture.

SCADA Detroit Michigan

SCADA Detroit Michigan

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system
collects data from thousands of points from the
5 water treatment plants, 20 booster stations, 34 reservoirs,
transmission mains, and master meters.
The collected data is sent to a computer monitored by a human operator.
SCADA data for the entire water distribution and wastewater collection system
is sent to DWSD’s Systems Control Center where operators and engineers
analyze that data, modify operations to meet system demands,
and send maintenance workers out to address equipment problems.

SCADA is also known as an industrial control system (ICS).
The control systems are a part of critical infrastructure
running on dedicated servers and programmable hardware devices
that are connected to and control electromechanical processes.
Many of these systems are connected to the Internet
for the convenience of remote administration.

ICS/SCADA are vulnerable to hacking and open new territory
for whitehat and blackhat researchers.
PLCs and other field devices are insecure by design;
they were developed without a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).
Securing SCADA systems is not as straight forward as securing
regular IT infrastructures and computer systems.
Hopefully DWSD isolates SCADA from the internet,
and strictly limits access to it.

1. Brown, reso. autho. Contract No. 2873778 – 100% City Funding – DWS-882
To Provide SCADA Radio Network Upgrades
Detroit Radio Team (Joint Venture with Motor City Electric and PCI),
840 W. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202
Contract Period: March 5, 2013 through March 5, 2016
Contract Amount Not to Exceed: $7,995,090.00.

SCADA systems Detroit Michigan

Frequencies used

Frequencies used


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