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Lake Warren

June 10, 2013

Lake Warren really did exist a long, long time in the past.

A pre-Cambrian time period of the Great Lakes region,
resulted in Lake Warren’s creation from glacial melt water.

Lake Warren Laurentide Ice Sheet

Lake Warren Laurentide Ice Sheet

The Michigan Basin is a layered pattern of sedimentary rocks
similar to a set of common household nested mixing bowls.
Michigan has gravity anomaly’s or “strong gravity high” areas
from partly developed crustal rift with block faulting combined
with extensive volcanic layers, and sedimentary bed fills.

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Warren Lake Geology

Warren Lake Geology

The green line you see on this illustration is the
remnants of the ancient glacial Lake Warren.

Landforms and Sediment

Landforms and Sediment

Six major ice sheets advanced across the Michigan region
probably beginning as early as 2.4 million years ago.
These events helped create the complex Michigan Basin.

The glacial episodes of ice advancement and thawing water cycles
scoured, scraped and gouged the surface of the earth
creating the lakes we know today. This series of
glacial lakes left behind tell tale signs of lake sediments,
ancient spillways and channels, beach ridges, deltas, and old shorelines.

Our neighbor to the West is Oakland County, and in a modern age,
it is covered with concrete driveways, parking lots and roads,
forcing all the rainwater underground into drainage pipes which
flow through neighboring cities like Warren.

Western Neighbor Oakland County

Western Neighbor Oakland County

  1. Ed Grafton permalink

    Are the images on your website in the public domain or otherwise available for use? I would like to reproduce your map of “Lake Warren Laurentide Ice Sheet – 13,000 years ago” in a book I am writing about Paleo-Indians.


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