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Now at 20,000 Views

June 28, 2013

A big THANKS to all that stop by and look, read, click,
and view the various posts I’ve made since late May 2011.
The blog just crossed the 20 Thousand views threshold.

Far and away the most popular posts revolve around maps
and the 500+ drains that funnel stormwater into the Clinton River.
The Clinton River Watershed is home to 1.4 million people
with toilets, bathtubs, and industrial facilities.
Much of what happens in OAKLAND County affects people in MACOMB.

Fecal Coliform continues to be an issue on the Clinton

~~~~~~ Click with mouse to expand/enlarge pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~



The Overall Watershed

The Overall Watershed

Oakland County Red Run Drain

Oakland County Red Run Drain

U.S. EPA Management System Review
Oakland County, Michigan
May 30-31, 2007 REPORT

Red Run Subwatershed
This map depicts the Red Run Watershed boundary as well as combined
sewer areas shaded in light blue.
Eight separate storm drains will be sampled
for E.coli bacteria as part of this project.
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality recently completed
a Total Maximum Daily Load Allocation (TMDL) for E.coli
in the Red Run Watershed .
This project will help address this TMDL by eliminating illicit discharges.

The goals of the George W. Kuhn Combined Sewer Overflow Retention
Treatment Facility are to reduce the number and volume of treated
CSO events, to improve the quality treated Combined Sewage
Overflow events, and to meet public health goals.
The facility is designed to the adequate treatment definition: total
capture of the one-year, one-hour storm and 30-minutes detention of
the 10-year, one-hour storm.

It’s now 2013 – how is your neighborhood doing for flood control ?

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