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Politics and water in Warren

July 30, 2013

The focus of this post revolves around BASEMENT FLOODING.
The archives of newspapers serve residents well to create
the foundation of how things are today.

The Macomb Daily (
Serving Serving Macomb County, MI.
News »Local » Blight court candidate concerns city officials
Filed Thursday, May 11,2006

I’ve stripped the story down to the bare facts

Attorney Dean Ausilio legally represented two Warren men back in March 1998:
Michael Zimmerman and Joseph DeGregory in a case involving basement flooding.

Michael Zimmerman and Joseph DeGregory had sued James Fouts personally
following basement flooding in the northeast area of Warren,Michigan.

Michael Zimmerman was a close friend of a cousin of Mark Steenbergh.
Zimmerman and Degregory contributed money to Steenberghs campaign.

In July 1998, Macomb County Circuit Judge: Deborah Servitto
ruled the flooding lawsuit as frivolous.
The judge ordered Zimmerman and DeGregory to repay
$26,000 of Fouts’ $32,000 in legal fees.

Step forward in time:

Former Mayor Mark Steenbergh in 2006 attempted to appoint
now Judge Dean Ausilio to the City of Warren’s
newly created “Blight Court”

City Council voted 6-3; late Tuesday May 9, 2006;
to postpone confirmation of Judge Dean Ausilio
– because – he had previously filed that
frivolous lawsuit against James Fouts.

Background on Dean Ausilio :
Warren’s deputy treasurer from 1987-88
Former chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party
Served on the Macomb Township Planning Commission
A former Administrative Hearings Bureau officer
Regularly received court-appointed cases in Warren.

The state law allows communities to establish blight courts
giving top elected officials the power to select officers.

Concerned about Basement Flooding in Warren ?

Now put this into the mix

Keep in mind VanHavermaat was Vice-President of Engineering for METCO Services
He supervised the design and construction of wastewater pumping systems,
collection systems, wastewater odor control facilities, and watermains
… in the City of Warren.

Warren City Council just voted 5-2 on March 12, 2013 to approve a
3 year engineering contract with…. Metco Services, Inc.

Warren was hammering agreements with the Interceptor Project folks.

It will be interesting to see how state politics weighs in on the plan
and if it affects the Interceptor Project in any way in 2013 – 2014.

City of Warren retained the services of METCO to study their
sewer collection system capacity and develop flow control solutions.

Who was the City Engineer when homes were built ?
“”Disconnection of footing drains from the sanitary sewer leads at 15,200 homes
and redirect the storm water flow to the city’s East Trunk Sewer.
The project is estimated at $152.6 million.””

IF the homes had been built properly, the gutters would have been
connected to the storm drain system – which is the separated system format.

City made a mistake :
overloading their own sewer systems with storm water input.

Metco has been around since 1983

Warrens Water Wars are messy politics

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