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Madison Heights Warren’s Westside neighbor

September 29, 2013

Project Design/Improvements in Madison Heights

• The City supports MDOT’s efforts to provide separated
storm water management through this project in Oakland County
(Dequindre Road is the boundary line with Macomb County)

• There is a concern, however, with the method of conveyance
for the separated storm flow
from I-75 to the Red Run Drain East of Dequindre.

The FEIS does not specifically address this issue; however,
the consultant involved in the drainage study indicates
that the intent is to construct a new storm system along
the existing George W. Kuhn (GWK) Drain right of way
This concept must be reevaluated and discussed in detail
with the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s office
and all communities that are part of the GWK Drainage District.
The exact location of the proposed storm pipe, to
be established during the design phase, must take into account
the surface and subsurface facilities that occupy the intended route.
– There is approximately 1 mile of I-75 right of way,
north and south of 12 Mile Road including the interchange
which has its run-off already accounted for within
the GWK separated system being conveyed directly
to Red Run east of Dequindre.

• The City recommends including extension of a westbound
right turn lane on 12 Mile Road, immediately west of existing
Home Depot driveway, within the project scope.
The response to our DEIS comment indicates potential conflicts
with FHWA policy. The widening project will have substantial
impact on this area and should be within the scope of the project.
In light of the intersection design modifications called for
later in the FEIS, the City continues to recommend that a
dedicated I-75 access lane be accommodated in this location,
designed in accordance with applicable federal and state design criteria.

• The City plans to install a sidewalk (completed summer 2006)
on the south side of 14 Mile from Concord to Stephenson Highway.
The City requests that this expense, within the I-75 project area,
be credited toward any local contribution
that may be required relative to the I-75 project.

Non-Motorized Access in Madison Heights

• The City continues to recommend providing designated
pedestrian and bicycle access across all proposed
bridges and underpasses, as well as at the Red Run
Drain crossing, within the scope of this project.

• The Project includes new sidewalk adjacent to
service drive on the east side. The City supports
this concept and recommends continuing this non-motorized path
throughout the project area (north to 14 Mile) with a design
to accommodate bicycle traffic.
This recommendation is not predicated on the referenced
countywide non-motorized plan.

• The project includes removal of the I-75/Red Run Bridge.
This will eliminate or minimize the potential for any future GWK
and pedestrian/bicycle access across I-75 under the existing bridge system.
Alternatives must be provided to ensure future access in this regard.
This recommendation is not predicated on the
referenced countywide non-motorized plan.

Walking and Bike Trails in Madison Heights

A high-priority recreational item in Madison Heights
is the development of an 8 foot wide bike trail system.
In the future, the proposed trails will connect with trails
developed by Oakland County and Macomb County.
The bike path is proposed to run along the George W. Kuhn Drain
and the east side of I-75, as part of the I-75 widening project.

A sidewalk section in the road right-of-way
between Woodside and Hiller Elementary on Delton
was constructed in 2008 at a cost of $35,000
as part of the City’s Sidewalk Program and Gap Repair Plan.
The project is planned for FY 2016-17, assuming a 50% local ($291,500)
and 50% Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant ($291,500).

In December 2010, the Oakland County Parks and Recreation
was awarded a $308,000 development grant for natural area
accessibility improvements by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund
Board of Trustees. The grant will fund construction of boardwalks,
wildlife viewing platforms and floating fishing piers at Highland Oaks,
Lyon Oaks, Red Oaks and Rose Oaks county parks.
At Red Oaks County Park, 600 feet of boardwalk will help overcome
challenges of a narrow park site while preserving and enhancing the
value of Red Oaks as an urban natural area.
The project is planned for FY 2012-13 based on the $179,000 budget split
between the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund ($100,000)
and Oakland County Parks and Recreation ($79,000).

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT

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