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Revitalizing Warren’s Underground

October 29, 2013

METCO did a detailed analysis in a report dated January 2012
of the entire sewer collection system within the City of Warren.
The report had the statistic that the city has 53,442 households
and that the primary source of Inflow & Infiltration (upwards of 70%)
appear to be from residential footings drains.
An epic Infrastructure FAIL !

Warren storm water and sewer systems suffer from the
in-ability to handle large peak flows from major rainfall events.
A critical element, involves the inadequate capacity,
of Warren’s East Trunk Sewer System which needs newly
constructed relief sewers along the feeder sewers.

Warren is basically divided in half for its sewer drainage systems.
EAST = the sewer trunk line between Hoover and Schoenherr
WEST = the sewer trunk line under Mound Road
These are the main lines, both measuring 5ft in diameter (60 inches)
Sewage flows north (via gravity) – towards 14 Mile and the WWTP.
Only 1 pumping station exists , over at 9 Mile and Stewart.

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Warren Michigan Sewer System

Warren Michigan Sewer System

Warren also has smaller collector sewer lines measuring
anywhere between 27 inch diameter to 42 inch in diameter.
The Lorraine Relief and Masonic Relief sewers are part of this as well.
along 9 Mile, 10 Mile, 11 Mile, 12 Mile and 13 Mile

The WWTP or Waste Water Treatment Plant at 14 Mile & Warkop
is also home to the 50 Million Gallon Retention Basin on site.
On occasion the basin overflows into the Red Run, aka Clinton River.

The overflow relief connections to the Oakland Macomb Interceptor
involve construction of 2 separate overflow chambers:
a.) at 9 Mile Road at Blackstone
b.) south of 11 Mile Road I-696

Relief Sewer Construction

Relief Sewer Construction

Cost Funding Schedule

Cost Funding Schedule

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