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Parking Lots, Roofs, Impervious Surfaces

November 2, 2013

People tend to forget how much surface area around us
simply will not absorb ANY rain water whatsoever !

Madison Heights in Oakland County, (“other” side of Dequindre)
along with Troy, Michigan have massive amounts of paved surfaces,
combined with huge areas of commercial/industrial/retail buildings
that drain stormwater into the Red Run aka The Clinton River.

Oakland Mall alone has parking for 8,500 vehicles.
Oakland Mall is 1.5-million-square-foot area.
Oakland Square is 220,726-square-foot east of the mall.
Oakland Plaza is 161,797-square-foot across from the mall.
Real estate info brochure

A mere 1 inch rainfall .. on 1000 sq ft .. = 623 gallons of water

There are an amazing amount of impervious surfaces outlined in yellow
~~~~~ CLICK to enlarge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oakland Mall area

Oakland Mall area

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT

This storm water slides over all those surfaces picking up
contaminants and transporting them to the Clinton River
– via the Red Run Drain in Warren and Sterling Heights.
Anything that drips off the underside of your vehicle
as it splashed thru puddles in the parking lot – its in there.
Any leak from a vehicle, brake system, radiator, fuel, oil, grease
muffler exhaust, rust particles – is in there. Salt & deicer, yep !
Along with a lot of unexpected stuff you would never imagine.

A rainfall of 1 inch …on 1 acre… = 27,154 gallons of water

Warren, Michigan has an Annual Precipitation of 30 -35 inches/year.

Another perspective on it all

Red Run watershed

Red Run watershed

Troy and Madison Heights and the Red Run are all inter-connected
Dequindre Road is the border between Oakland and Macomb Counties.

Kuhn RTF Interceptor Drains

Kuhn RTF Interceptor Drains

This where things supposedly flow now, into the Clinton
Oakland Mall was originally built in the mid 1960’s

Red Run Ryan Road USGS gauge

Red Run Ryan Road USGS gauge


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