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2014 Local waterway testing Macomb County ?

November 7, 2013

With everyone in local government pushing hard for more usage
of the local waterways aka Clinton River flowing into Lake St. Clair
why isn’t TESTING of the water a priority ?

Macomb County’s webpage basically stops in 2009

Key Findings in the 2009 Lake St. Clair Assessment

The 340 mg/L PAH value for the sample taken at Bear Creek at Old 13 Mile Rd.
was the highest ever recorded in the history of the Lake St. Clair Assessment.
This sample was almost fourteen times the PAH level
found at this site in 2008 (25 mg/kg).

Bear Creek PAH Levels 2009

Bear Creek PAH Levels 2009

PAH definition

PAH definition

Common PAH Names

Common PAH Names

Suddenly it all stopped – and no more reporting occurred —

It used to be quite the project
A water quality monitoring program was
conducted on Lake St. Clair and the
Clinton River Watershed during the
spring, summer and fall of 2009.
The overall purpose of this project
was to collect data and characterize
water and sediment quality
in the Lake and Watershed.

The project included five complementary
monitoring activities; near shore,
off shore, watershed, bathing beach
and wet weather. The near shore testing
was conducted at twenty-three major
inputs to the lake, including the mouths
of the Clinton River and Spillway,
urban storm drains, smaller rivers
and creeks and retention basin discharge.
Near shore sampling was conducted
adjacent to the outfalls, however,
many samples were collected further
from the outfalls than during previous
years due to lower lake levels.
Off shore sampling was conducted
at thirteen sites.
Seven of the off shore locations
corresponded to major near shore
sample locations, two were adjacent
to public beaches, two were municipal
drinking water intake sites.

Bear Creek Watershed

Bear Creek Watershed

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