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The 25,000 Mark

November 12, 2013

Just a simple, sincere, heart felt, Thank You
to all who stop by and read, click and view,
the posts on this blog.

The blog has reached the 25,000 views mark
( as a total cumulative number )
since it was first started in July, 2011.

– The issues of MAPS continues to be paramount;
as everyone wants to know ” Where does all that water go ? ”
Which information gets released to the public and how it is
accessed by ordinary people is quite a conundrum, especially
when water flow spans multiple counties.

– Infrastructure has huge costs for taxpayers.
Large , expensive , public projects, should expect to be
scrutinized and questioned by those paying the bills.

– Nobody thinks much about flushing the toilet or
washing their clothes; until the water flow stops !

The 25000 Mark

The 25000 Mark

One Comment
  1. Michael Walen permalink

    I just saw this post. I do enjoy your blog. I am often walking my dog by the Red Run Freedom Hill and have seen so much wildlife I can’t believe it at times. I especially enjoyed your posts on what gets dumped in it is eventually pumped into Belle Isle station and served to us in drinking water.
    Keep up the good work. MW

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