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2014 is approaching quickly

November 23, 2013

INFORMATION distribution is how the public judges and forms
opinions about Government Officials and the services they render.

Factual info – and where it is located – is a massive problem
along with MITA; regarding Inter-County storm water and sewage management.
Concealing info; in one county; on webpage A, but not webpage B,
with only database info X, but excluding database info Y, and pointing
fingers at who, what, where and how – only infuriates the public.

Water knows NO political boundaries, it flows based on gradient, slope,
topography, etc., etc. always seeking its own level irregardless of
who is in power where, or which website got updated when.

It’s a chaotic mess deciphering Oakland/Macomb/Wayne WATER info
A.) DWSD – Detroit Water and Sewage Department (
B.) Oakland County Water (
C.) Macomb County Water (

WHERE would you look for documents concerning water in 2014 ?
– most probably the city and county you live in, and you would fail.
WHY you ask, because the water didn’t originate where you live,
it merely flows through your community, towards another community, elsewhere.

I made the map shown below – it didn’t exist before.
Several other documents, were stitched together, for a unifying display.
By fracturing the info, politicians keep folks in the dark.
I don’t believe there is a conspiracy to deceive the public,
BUT no one is really getting the job done regarding unification.
It’s a splintered, hodge-podge, cluttered mess.

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

And the finger-pointing begins – “””we””” didn’t do this that or the other thing,
it was “””those””” folks across the borderline, and blah, blah, blah, bah humbug.

This was pathetic – like a kindergarten kid whining –
Instead of stepping up, facing the problem, owning it outright,
it was sidestepped and blamed on those beyond Dequindre Road

Kuhn RTF Red Run Drain

Kuhn RTF Red Run Drain

It’s time to UNIFY all those discrete molecules of water into one mass
and call it what it is – WATER in MICHIGAN – skip the nonsense of the past.

Red Run EPA EnviroMapper

Red Run EPA EnviroMapper

Red Run Ryan Road USGS gauge

Red Run Ryan Road USGS gauge

There needs to be more PUBLIC AWARENESS in 2014, 2015, 2016 ..and so on

Society and its accompanying politicians need a mentality
of US (as in all of us together) and away from THEM (as in they did that).

Happy Holidays to all, and maybe some New Year Resolutions
will be made by those in charge of the infrastructure in 2014.

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