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Stay off the Ice

December 28, 2013

The water in the Red Run drain system does actually flow
downstream, although the current is often minimal.

Stay off the ice that may form with the colder temperatures
unless you want to risk an ice cold dunking, soaking your
boots, clothes, gloves along with a freezing walk home.

Always remember the water often comes from “”somewhere”” else,
– than where you might be standing right now.
For the Red Run, it originates far away in Oakland County,
deep underground, from the storm drains of places like
Clawson, Royal Oak, Troy, Madison Heights.

There is an excellent chance it is Salt Water Slurry from
numerous parking lots, roadways, and driveways.
It is not clean clear lake water – it’s a stormwater drain.

Oakland Mall area

Oakland Mall area

Red Run

Red Run

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