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Manhole access and maintenance

March 23, 2014

The underground infrastructure needs routine maintenance.
Access exists to clean out debris when there is NO crisis,
as part of the general operations of the system.
It is to be expected to be done on a continual schedule,
with monies set aside specifically for that intended purpose.
There should not be a unique event celebrating the job.

Call the city and the county to make sure your neighborhood
is properly maintained this year to prevent flooding issues.

Manhole access point

Manhole access point

All the debris from those patched potholes, along with
what the snowplows pushed into piles, now becomes a
problem for the stormdrains all around town.
Eventually that debris builds up down there, and it needs
maintenance , for smooth continuous flow of rain water.

Street grates

Street grates

When the catch basin are clogged; the water begins to back up,
and instead of flowing away from the area, it begins to saturate
the ground, infiltrating into any crack, seam, hole, that exists.
A domino effect occurs, where everything in the vicinity gets hit.

What occurs underground is just as important, if not even more so,
than what you see above ground in the street. Those street sweepers
exist for a great reason. They help to prevent future problems.
You and your neighbors can help themselves, by occasionally sweeping
the street in front of your homes, and disposing of the debris.

Catch basin for sand, dirt, debris

Catch basin for sand, dirt, debris

Street sweeper

Street sweeper

Don’t wait until a crisis occurs, be pro-active, instead of re-active.
Taxes get used in many ways, and when maintenance doesn’t get done,
-residents start to pay out of pocket – i.e. they pay twice.

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