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Macomb County Drinking Water supply ?

April 5, 2014

A recent bond deal from Karegnondi Water Authority,
which includes Genesee, Lapeer and Sanilac counties,
was one the largest in the state of Michigan.
How will Macomb County residents get their drinking water ?

Flint had (past tense) bought treated water from Detroit
and that represented approximately 5% of DWSD revenue.
Due to geographic distances, Flint and Genesee County
paid higher rates for the Detroit water supply.

Kevin Orr plans to stay on track by exiting in September,
when he can be removed from his post by the city council.

Investors in Detroit Water and Sewage Bonds:

Guy Davidson
– Director of munis at AllianceBernstein
Holding LP in New York.
Davidson watches over $30 Billion,
a portion of which is invested in DWSD bonds

Robert DiMella
– Head of MacKay Municipal Managers
in Princeton, New Jersey.
DiMella oversees about $7.5 billion,
some of which is invested in DWSD bonds

Anthony Marrocco, Macomb County public works commissioner,
doesn’t appear bothered by Orr’s pursuit
of a potential private operator.
Anothy Marrocco is quoted by a Bloomberg News report
“We’re going to have our service regardless
of who’s going to be in charge of the DWSD”

What does that exactly mean to residents of Macomb
is anybodys guess as Marrocco has been pretty quiet
lately regarding the whole mess.
Quite often it appears that Oakland County is the
Big Dog that wags its tail as Macomb merely follows along.

Oakland County hired law firm Carson Fischer PLC
to represent it in talks about the Great Lakes agency proposal.
Oakland County is prepared to pay $3 million
of which $500,000 will be used immediately to explore options.

How much Macomb County “may” spend seems to be a secret !

Macomb County Drinking Water

Macomb County Drinking Water


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