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Subpoenas for Oakland County over DWSD

April 27, 2014

Nuveen Asset Management and Blackrock Financial Management issued
subpoenas to Oakland County records department regarding
the county’s relationship with the City of Detroit’s
Water and Sewerage Department.

Many people thought it was the other way around.
Oakland and Macomb officials created a fuss
demanding more information from DWSD.

The bonds worth several billion dollars are secured
– based upon the Water Departments ability to get revenue.
The large powerful Wall Street investment firms have a lot to loose.

ARTHUR SIEGAL wrote in dBusiness
“”The water department has apparently not set its rates high enough
to cover all the infrastructure improvements needed
over the next 5-10 years, it is possible, although perhaps unlikely,
that a Macomb-Oakland system might actually cost less to develop,
construct and operate than the existing water system would cost to upgrade.””
“”This much turmoil would seem to make the department’s recent request
for proposals less appealing to the financial community
than would previously have been the case.””

The guys holding the money bags want straight answers.





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