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Natural Setting

June 21, 2014

In the north end of Michigan’s third
largest city lies a natural continuous greenway path complete with trees, grass, bushes, and water called the
Red Run Intra-County Drain.
It is home to a wide variety of animals
living in close proximity to humans.
Of course this occasionally causes havoc
to high tech stuff like telecommunications equipment upon which residents of Warren, Michigan rely upon daily. Squirrels LOVE to gnaw, munch, snack, eat and continually mash their teeth into anything on these “super highways” strung between telephone poles.
Recently AT&T told me to patiently “wait” 7 days , yes, 1 entire week, to have a dial tone appear once again within my household phone – no storms, no poles broken, no fallen trees. The technicians from AT&T informed me the “disturbance” was a good distance away from my house, on another subdivision street in fact. The tech duo also mentioned AT&T now has a bare bones field tech crew working mandatory overtime since the beginning of the 2014 year.
-PLEASE- do not feed the squirrels !
They are rodents which cause humans
grief by getting into places they shouldn’t. Watch them from a distance, but don’t encourage them to stick around. I truly enjoy seeing wildlife in Warren, but not when a needed landline can’t be fixed for an entire week in excellent weather conditions.

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