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Solid Sewer Waste is Big Money

July 25, 2014

A sewage waste contract approved last year by the Detroit City Council
is under current FBI federal investigation.
(As seen in the Detroit News – Metro and State section July 24, 2014)
The Detroit City Council voted 5-4 way back in November 2007 to award
Synagro Technologies Inc. a contract to handle the
city’s processed sewage for close to $47 million a year.

What is hot and new for Metro-Detroit communities ?
– Making electricity from what’s flushed down the sewer.

Mark Hackel claims no legal obligation
to amend a solid waste plan in Macomb county.

The firm “Waste Management” last year completed and opened a
new $15 million plant adjacent to Pine Tree Acres Landfill
that converts landfill gas to electricity,
expanding the power output capacity via the landfill
from 8.8-megawatts to 21.6 megawatts,
enough to power about 17,000 homes.

It gets REALLY interesting when you figure in The City of Detroit.
Detroit Renewable Energy is a subsidiary Detroit Renewable Power
It generates up to 68 megawatts of electricity for
DTE Energy Co. which is subsidiary of The Detroit Edison Co.

Cue – Mark Steenbergh – former Warren Mayor.
He’s with Incinerating biosolids via the Sewage Group at DWSD

Detroit DWSD drying biosolids

Detroit DWSD drying biosolids

What exists on the Red Run over in Madison Heights ?
North America’s largest feces screening facility on the continent.

~~~~~~~~~~click with mouse to enlarge and read ~~~~~~~~~~~

Red Run Feces Screen Part 1

Red Run Feces Screen Part 1

~~~~~~~~~~click with mouse to enlarge and read ~~~~~~~~~~~

Red Run Feces Screen Part 2

Red Run Feces Screen Part 2

Anyone remember the incinerator in Madison Heights, Michigan ?

Incinerator Smokestacks

Incinerator Smokestacks


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  1. John J. permalink

    Ref: Anyone remember SOCIA incinerator… Yes.

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