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Oakland vs Macomb in StormWater Wars

August 29, 2014

A few years ago I had some personal and written communication
with folks from the Oakland County Water Resources group
that were involved with the 12TownsDrain aka GWK aka Kuhn Basin.

The response back then was :

The Kuhn Retention Basin project was never intended
to reduce or eliminate actual flooding on the Red Run Drain

All of the storm water that falls in southeast Oakland County
and southwest Macomb County must flow down the Red Run Drain

The project did separate many of the storm water outlets
from the Retention Treatment Basin and redirected them into
actual storm drains thereby reducing the chances
of spilling combined sewage into the Red Run Drain

The project greatly improved an ability to monitor
and disinfect the combined sewage in the event
of the basin spilling to the Red Run Drain

Oakland County Water Resources
One Public Works Drive
Building 95 West
Waterford, MI 48328-1907

I believe Oakland County needs to dredge the Red Run deeper,
and look extremely hard at alternatives that – do not add
water volume to the Red Run Drain or Clinton River.

Macomb County – should not be –
the stormwater dumping grounds
for Oakland County, period !
Residents of Warren and other communities
suffer immensely because Oakland County
FORCES the stormwater upon us.

Let Oakland County devise alternate solutions that don’t
punish the folks living on the other side of Dequindre Road.
Maybe Oakland County needs less golf courses and
more retention basin volume near the Red Run Drain.
Maybe they need to divert more flow to Detroit / Wayne County.
I am just a resident of Warren that has had enough of flooding
over the 50 years my parents owned a home near the Red Run.
YES, I said multiple, numerous, repeated, flooded basement issues !

CHANGE is needed, repeated flooding is documented,
and governmental offices are quite aware of it.

Oakland County Drainage

Oakland County Drainage


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