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Overflow, Retention Basins, Watershed, CSO What Does It All Mean To Us?

September 2, 2014

Perspective from another writer, highlighting many of the same concerns I’ve mentioned , affecting Metro-Detroit residents

Over flow, retention basins, watershed, CSO (combined sewer overflow) all terms that are thrown around to try and explain why our basements are flooding. So in an effort to understand things a little better myself I did some reading. Here are some things I’ve found out.

A combined sewer is the predominant type of sewer system in the metropolitan Detroit area, and all sewers within the city proper are combined sewers. Basically, a combined sewer is an older design, found in most large cities, that combines storm water runoff and sanitary sewage within a single system. In The Flow Spring 2010/Vol 10, No 2

All wastewater from the 76 suburban communities that purchase DWSD sewage service ends up in Detroit’s sewer interceptor pipes, said Terrance Moore, head sewage plant operator. Moore explained that water builds up and moves quickly through the system during a rainstorm. Water that goes to a…

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