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What goes into Kuhn Retention Basin ?

September 7, 2014

Why does WARREN have floods far too often ?

The peak flow of the GWK Retention Basin
is approximately 6,700 cfs and
the detention time is around 31 minutes.

A mere 1 inch rainfall on a 1,000 sq ft parking lot = 623 gallons of water

750 gallons = 100 cubic feet

So the Kuhn Basin handles something like 50,000 gallons per second
– coming at it from the North, Middle and South of Oakland County

Oakland Mall alone has parking for 8,500 vehicles.
Oakland Mall is 1.5-million-square-foot area.
Oakland Square is 220,726-square-foot east of the mall.
Oakland Plaza is 161,797-square-foot across from the mall.
Real estate info brochure

THINK where the rain falls : concrete, asphalt, roofs, roads
and ALL that water must finds its way into the drains
and flow into the Clinton River – for BOTH Counties.

What happens to people Downstream as the Red Run Drain fills up ?

Take a close look for the DEQUINDRE INTERCEPTOR ;
think about how much capacity it might handle;
as it flows into Detroit.

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DETAILED  Kuhn Retention Basin area

DETAILED Kuhn Retention Basin area

Oakland Mall area

Oakland Mall area

Population predictions from 2003

Population predictions from 2003


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