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Average sewer overflow ?

September 14, 2014

Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Discharge Information
DEQ reports what is normal, average, expected, each year.
I’ll let you draw your own conclusions regarding rainfall,
flooding events at your house, and what is “”average“”.

Now if the government reports “”a problem”” consistently, repeatedly,
year after year , for almost a decade, WHY does the problem continue to occur ?
Is the government protecting you, or do you have to protect yourself;
— via insurance riders, electrical pumps, disinfectant, garbage removal.

If 5 million residents paid $10 a year more in taxes, that’s $50 million / per year,
for repairs, maintenance, equipment upgrades, etc. – think about it.
How much did the last flood cost you, and the one before it, and so on ?

SSOs are releases of raw sewage from separate sanitary sewer
collection systems, which are designed to carry
sanitary sewage – but not storm water.

SSO events can discharge untreated human and industrial waste,
toxic materials, debris, and disease-causing organisms
onto the ground or into our rivers, lakes, or streams.

What causes SSO – Rain – A simple thunderstorm causes SSO events

LOOK  – COUNT –  how many events were above average the past 10 years  ?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ click to enlarge ~~~~~~~~~~

Average Rainfall SSO Events Michigan

Average Rainfall SSO Events Michigan

SSO’s are illegal – and usually constitute a serious environmental and
public health threat. Sewage discharges into basements may also occur,
but these events are not required to be reported to the DEQ
for entry into reports under Section 324.3112(a) of the NREPA.

Chronic SSO’s can also occur when sanitary systems are too small
to contain all the sanitary wastewater that is in the sewer system.
SSOs can result from system deterioration due to the age
of the sewer system and resulting excessive rain water inputs to the system.

DEQ SSO CSO Michigan map

DEQ SSO CSO Michigan map


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