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Warren key role in Interceptor

September 15, 2014

Oakland and Macomb county don’t always play nice
regarding water flowing into Warren, Michigan.
Water always flows downhill, due to topography.

Maybe its time the RE-Negotiate what the
Red Run Inter-County District actually is,
who controls its operation, and who pays what part.

Warren has a pivotal role , as a gateway of sorts,
— for draining most of Oakland County .
If Warren sealed its border shut,
Oakland County would drown in its own waste.

Period,…… not a doubt in my mind.

The entire Interceptor Project hinges upon WARREN.
Warren must be connected to it, almost by default.
The city is basically doing Oakland County a favor, for free.
Oakland County depends on Warren, not the other way around.
Dequindre Road is the borderline between the two.

Oakland County needs Warren, and should pay a yearly
“”usage fee”” for the nasty wide open drainage channel
from the Kuhn Basin called the Red Run Drain.
Does Warren have a soccer field or golf course
— as a direct result of the 12Towns Drain / Kuhn Basin ?
History has recorded the one sided deal for eternity.
Does Warren have a Bike Path through a greenway ?

My parents moved to Warren in the 60’s and all they got from
Oakland County was a strong-smelling, non-recreational waterway,
with a repeatedly flooded basement, due to poor municipal planning
from BOTH counties. Now its time to pay for the sins of the past.

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Politics Oakland Macomb

Politics Oakland Macomb

Oakland Macomb Interceptor

Oakland Macomb Interceptor

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

SouthEast Michigan Sewage Districts

Sub Watersheds SouthEast Michigan

Sub Watersheds SouthEast Michigan


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