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Macomb County underground

September 21, 2014

The Interceptor drain project set the precedent
– a regional settlement of assets –
reached between DWSD and its suburban customers.

The City of Warren plays a pivotal role.
The Interceptor project (which Oakland County needs)
goes through Warren and Warren SHOULD be connected to it.

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Interceptor Project with Detroit

Interceptor Project with Detroit

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes said he will reveal
how much of a claim he will allow Macomb County
to use in voting as a creditor in Detroit’s bankruptcy.
The issue relates to the suburban county’s ongoing legal fight
to get repaid for what it says were gross overcharges
for repairs after a major sewer line collapsed
in Sterling Heights in 2004, creating a giant sinkhole.
Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco
in 2011 sued former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick,
members of his administration, Kilpatrick friend
and contractor Bobby Ferguson and others over
the 2004-05 repair project that Marrocco claims
cost $26 million more than it should have
because of fraudulent overbilling.

The Interceptor was the beginnings of Regional Authority,
anyone who paid a bit of attention saw the writing on the wall.

The Macomb Interceptor Drain serves 522,000 people in 11 Macomb communities.
At the time the 11-foot sewer line collapsed near 15 Mile and Hayes in 2004,
the DWSD owned the lines, but Macomb bought the line in 2010
and now says fraudulently overbilled repair costs were passed on to the county.

WHY its called the OMID, is a mystery to me.
The project has a MASSIVE amount of content in MACOMB.
Oakland County needs this connection to prevent
itself from drowning in sewage and stormwater.

Oakland Macomb Interceptor

Oakland Macomb Interceptor


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