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Communication between Counties

October 4, 2014

I don’t see much hope in the GLWA for water issues
changing much of anything for ordinary residents.
Oakland barely notifies Macomb when the Huge Kuhn Basin
discharges millions of gallons into Warren via the Red Run.
Where do you go to find out the timing of the discharge ?
Certainly not a Macomb County website or Social Media Outlet.

When I see the bungling and waste of resources in Macomb
— how can I expect to see TRI-COUNTY cooperation for
something like raindrops falling from the sky ?

My confidence is not high in Macomb County politicians
as I attended the GLWA open discussions held in Mt.Clemens
Now I see this fiasco in the newspaper regarding Macomb County

Massive TECH failure

Massive TECH failure

– Facilities are required to notify the MDEQ within 24 hours
when a CSO or SSO discharge begins.
– After the discharge ends, the facility must submit a
complete report including the locations and volume of the discharge.
THE CATCH – Online reporting sources are quite a bit slower

CSO and SSO Discharge Information
It appears that human intervention takes place
i.e. – it isn’t automatically updated or reported.

Reporting items in their entirety online
isn’t a priority for this organization


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