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Fractured Macomb Politics on GLWA vote

October 7, 2014

Macomb County politicians are bickering among themselves
on “who” should represent the county in the GLWA,
and it appears they will wait till the very last minute
to formally decide the matter.

Wasn’t former Warren mayor Mark Steenbergh hired
by Macomb County Public Works to be the
“”Community Wastewater Services Manager“” ?
Wasn’t Steenbergh to act as a liaison to local officials,
the media and the public on issues ?
Steenberghs first day on the job was Oct. 31, 2011;
and he should be up-to-speed on it all in 2014.

Some would think the Water Department aka Drain Commissioner
and his department would pick a representative for the county.

Others feel its up to the relatively “new” executive department
to determine who represents the county for the GLWA.

Macomb County Commissioners don’t appear to be very vocal
in the media expressing their concerns, opinions, ideas, etc.
Multiple meetings over the past few weeks have not exactly
brought out much debate over an issue affecting us for 40 years.

Maybe they’ll all just sit back, relax and let Rick Snyder choose.

GLWA Detroit Michigan

GLWA Detroit Michigan


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