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MDEQ analysis on Red Run Drain 2015 ?

November 2, 2014

Back on November 1, 2012 (2 years ago) the
Clinton River Public Advisory Council
held a “special meeting”

MDEQ = ( Michigan Department Environmental Quality )

It is of course, November 1, 2014, now !
Macomb County and Oakland County will have to
cooperate and come to terms with FLOODING issues
concerning StormWater flow into the Clinton River.

Apparently the MDEQ was previously un-able
to properly analyze shoal material dug up by the USACE.
( United States Army Corp of Engineers )

There is no doubt shoals exist in numerous spots
along the Red Run Drain flowing into the Clinton River.
The sediment is very deep and restricts the flow of water,
constricting it, in effect raising the elevation of the channel.

Shoal Removal

With the recent flooding events (plural, multiple occasions)
why does the USACE hesitate to dredge the Red Run Drain ?
Landslides and failure of bank stabilization efforts only
increase the amount of sediment in the channel.
All fish in the Clinton River flowing into Lake St. Clair
have their delicate gills damaged by fine sediment.

USACE Red Run Sediment Sampling Analysis from 2010,
Mike Alexander, MDEQ

In May of 2010 the USACE conducted sediment sampling and analysis
from eight locations within the Red Run Drain for estimating
environmental impacts of disposal activities in conjunction
with a concurrent storm water project.
The sample collection method that was expected to be used
was to advance a hand-driven sediment sampler to
collect one sample at the eight different locations.
However, this method was proven ineffective
due to the quantity of rock and debris that
did not allow the sampler to be advanced.
Therefore, the eight samples were collected using a spade
to expose the shoal material where the samples could
then be collected from the exposed walls of the hole.
Due to the high sand and gravel loadings in this
very flashy drain the MDEQ feels that this type of “grab” sampling
is not an adequate method for determining the characterization
of the sediments of the Red Run Drain.
To fully and accurately characterize the sediments
the MDEQ will be requesting approval for a full site characterization
of the Red Run Drain to allow for future decision making

and potential remediation.

Fish Sampling Data and/or Data Gaps in the Red Run Drain,
Kevin Goodwin and Joe Bohr, MDEQ

At this time there is no relatively current fish sampling data
from the Red Run Drain. The MDEQ will pursue future monitoring
efforts to fill this data gap.

Additional Information :

Recovery R Project # 113809
Red Run Drain Oakland County, Michigan
Sediment Sampling Analysis
Solicitation Number: W911XK-09-D-0014-0009

Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: USACE District, Detroit
Contract Award Date: March 16, 2010
Contract Award Number: W911XK-09-D-0014-0009
Contract Award Dollar Amount: $11,198
Contract Line Item Number: 0001-0002

Contractor Awardee:
DETROIT, MI 48223-3413

This Project Plan will describe the collection of sediment samples
for the purpose characterizing the shoaled material
in the Red Run Drain in Oakland County, Michigan.
A total of 8 samples will be collected from 8 stations
within the shoaled areas in the Red Run Drain.

~~~~~ click with mouse to enlarge all pictures shown below ~~~~~~

NTH Study Red Run Shoals

NTH Study Red Run Shoals



GIS Mapping Red Run

GIS Mapping Red Run

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT

Water Bodies in Warren from MDOT


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